Comercial Airport In GZ

Hello to everyone!
Did you noticed this plane wreck at F23 Överby Air Base?

It looks like an old comercial plane, not like a Vraken Fighter.
Here’s a part of the wing.

We have many military airports, but why we don’t have a comercial airports?
I think in the future we will se this on a DLC island.
Here’s a possible location on the big island near the Forest Region.
What do you think?
Would you like to see a comercial airport?

Yes, we talked about that.


I think like everyone were desperate to see that new island , commercial or bigger populated airfield with different aviation would be interesting ! :small_airplane::airplane::flight_departure:


Maybe we will all be taking a plane over to the other island! Wouldn’t that be something

stupid idea to use plane guys. dont forget about that youre stuck on the sweden island youre not escaping.

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