A question, if I may


Now, I have a few topics around the site with ideas for more machines, weapons, damages, game difficulties, …

I am quite bloody outspoken (and autistic what does not improve this issue, on the contrary), I know this, but, I mean no insult, I mean no personal attack, not even an attack at all.
When I say certain things, it is in the light of a whole text, to underline things, to give emphasis to something.
I use hyperboles, for one…
And quite a bit, to be honest.
And this makes, from what i understand, my writings sometimes… “intimidating”, or “aggressive”?
Either way, I respect all of you, always, please remember this.
And my SINCERE apologies to those that took it as disrespective, insulting or assaulting.

As to my question:
I have played many a (war)game, beginning in the year 1986, from Asteroids to Doom/Quake (original ones) over Delta Force Land Warrior to Crysis, Counter Strike, CoD, …
And I am not bad at it.
Now, I bought the game with the idea, this was a TRUE survival game.
But that was quite the disapointment for me…

Awesome landscape, nice houses/bunkers, neat machines, but no threat.
To me, it is somewhat a walk in the park, sadly.
And going by the idea it is a survival game, I pressed on these “threat issues” as I perceived them:
Machines lack aggression, machines have failing aim, not enough machines (I could walk for 15 mins not encountering one machine), lack in agility making them quite vulnerable, …

Strangely, I see topics being the extreme opposite of my ideas.
“Game too hard”, “No loot in boxes”, “too hard to obtain gold items”, …

And I almost think: do we even play the same Generation Zero?
Are we in the same reality?
Or am I missing something here?
EDIT: Of course, it IS me missing something.
But just what…?

So, please, tell me, and please do not assume any insult or so in my question:
How come the game is so hard for you?
Do you actually die that often?
Or is it more… ummm… “laziness” or “passivity” that leads to this?
More like, “I want to farm gold, but in the fastest, easiest way”?

Another question: loot…
Some say: not enough loot, “when I reload the map, the boxes previously emptied stay empty”.
Just what are you looking for then?
HP packs?

To the Devs (or other officials): to get it straight: just WHAT type of game is this meant to be?
Survival, hunter, FPS, Gathering based game, …?
I am somewhat lost, one site says this, another that, and I do not get it anymore… :frowning:

Thank you.

A very curious Xogroroth…


You are cool, @Xogroroth, no sweat :+1:

Thing is that you are probably very good at gaming. How many times did I die in the game? Well that is way to embarrassing to disclose here. But we are well into three figures … and perhaps even in the high end of that. But I enjoy the game and don’t count resurrections. If I get cornered but machines, I might freeze … and die. Tough luck, but I respawn and the show goes on. You might know more about tactics. You might be a natural talent. Perhaps you don’t freeze when cornered.

We have another thread about the Plundra, where I have argued, that it holds too many items. The first reply was “then don’t use it”. A very good answer indeed. Pure logic! But I have an idea about, how the game makes sense to me. Others might disagree. And if they form a majority, they will probably win. Only fair.

So how can we find a way to make the game satisfying for you? Well here is a challenge: Play it using the Moller PP pistol only. That should give you a run for your money. At least until the devs might (or might not) introduce different levels of difficulty.


Being ex-military, I use all I get: the landscape, sniper positions, when they close in I like to have most dead before it gets hairy.
Then I start to move around, fast, but erratic, so machines can’t predict my path.
They do, and quite good, unless you behave “irrational”.
I also love to get them bottlenecked, if I can.

Preserve ammo: as machines are quite tough (and they need no toughening up, for me, just a better accuracy and aggression, thank you Devs :stuck_out_tongue: ), so shoot when “sure” you will hit.
Here, thankfully, my gaming experience kicks in…
I’m a fairly good shot.

Many use explosive stuff like air/gas tanks or cars or…, I do as well, if they happen to be around it, I do not run around with explosives (for some reason I tend to either kill myself, or be killed when explosives are used. I virtually any game). :slight_smile:

Still, the BEST weapon is not a golden sniper or machine gun or pistol, it’s not explosives, it’s not anything physical like that.
It’s the brain.
Use tactics against them, and be as unpredictable possible…
They truly hate it, and fail through that. :slight_smile:


Well, there you have it. You are good at it. Perhaps you should limit your options then. A gun and a rifle and a handful of rounds. You can balance the difficulty yourself.


Well, I never use Adren for one, I either drop it or give it away when I am with others.
I only use 2 weapons outside: AR4 and Sniper.
Inside, pistol, mostly.
I do use HP packs, when needed… :slight_smile:

Problem in my case is: you do improve your gear when you can.
It’s a logical thing to do.
Being autistic, I am about logic and pragmatism.
So, weapon wise, I obviously “go for the best” (which means, best suited FOR ME, not necessarily “the game’s best weapon”. I often found "the games best weapon… not to be the best for me).
Ignoring weapon upgrades goes in against all fibers in my body…
Simply due to… illogical…
Can’t beat simple logic. :slight_smile:


Well I am old my reflexes are slow but, this game is far from being to hard…A challenge yes but as a mostly solo player I do NOT find it to hard at all. I bought the game after doing my homework so knew what it was all about (followed development of it very closely). I have long wanted a single play/co-op game like this on Xbox with no base building, crafting or being dumbed down (I am outspoken about these things).

I am not very good at shooter’s being old & disabled so I am glad this game is not a shooter. I have learned to adapt to this great unique game: I read what the skills do, learned weak points, learned to use radios & fight close to safe houses. I have zero issues with finding anything I need in the game to be successful. I stream & promote the game heavily it simply is fantastic (yes it has bugs) It is not one big easy mode nor is it like every other game on console…I am fine with the game at this point.

Anyway that is my opinion for what it is worth. Have a great rest of the weekend & safe upcoming week.


Thank you for your reply, my brother.
Being old and disabled, I too am a cripple, since my fall back in my army days.
Now my heart as well is starting to fail…
But disabled or not, old or not, you have my respect, you’re human (or life form, I respect ALL life), and that is all that matters.

The fact you enjoy the game (like I do) is all that matters.

As for outspoken, that makes -again- two of us… XD

So, well met, my friend, well met! :wink:


The game can be challenging, if you seek out challenge. Like attacking the 3 Tanks usually patrolling the windmills in the Northern Coast Region, or going on a biking tour in the Mountain Region without Adrenaline Shots. Personally I try to play carefully, as I don’t want to waste supplies too quickly. But if I do get into a big fight I can handle myself.

The newest additions to Machine behaviour work great as a way to up the challenge, especially for Hunters and Tanks.

If you really want a challenge, try my Hardcore Mode. :smiling_imp:


Wow neat, I will sure check this out!!!
Thank you!!! :smiley:


I love when the Harvesters go into that defensive position & when Tanks now run to get into a better position. These additions I find fun now.


That they do, for sure! :slight_smile:


Tanks also seem to aggro from REALLY far away. Now when you put down a lure, like a Boombox, they come running to check out the noise. I did not expect that the first time :scream:


A new goal I have set myself is to get my kills to deaths ratio up to 10:1. I’m currently at about 8.5 and I find it extremely hard to maintain that ratio. Its a fun game to play. If you are a very skilled player, you could aim for 15:1 or 20:1.

This is a bit OT but have you noticed that you do NOT die, but are only put down out of combat with wounds. When the adrenaline/rest timer starts the animation is of you sitting there in a heap on the ground. So actually the player never dies, he just leaves combat neutralised. The other thing I noted was that none of the dead bodies have clear faces. The soldiers are all masked and poor Dr. Petterrsson was sat with his head down so you could not see his face. Having recently played Metro Exodus where horribly mangled dead bodies lie around in huge heaps this sterility has struck me very forcefully. I suppose it might be a Swedish thing, or a design decision by the devs but it feels very odd to me.

Anyhow, back on topic.


I’m usually pretty lousy at shooters, maybe it is my age of 50, but this game I find pretty easy. Challenging at the very beginning but as you get more experience and perks it is getting easier.
Played through twice: first playthrough the stats (from april since the stats was corrupted at launch) says 206 deaths and 6386 killed mechs, a ratio of 3,23 %
Second playthrough (very recent) I have 74 death and 1765 killed mechs which gives a ratio of 4,18% and this ratio will only go down as I play further.
Many of the deaths is actually pretty dumb, too bold, too confident (I can take it out before it does, but hey forgot I was low lvl…downed)
At higher lvl this game is easy to me so I now have a rule to never take cover, if I pick a fight I have to stand my ground and fight it out in the open, no shelter…Valhallaaaa!