A Theory about FNIX Rising

Expect this to be a multipart series I love ranting about my theories.

So as a former Portal player I’ve noticed some similarities between FNIX and GLaDOS, one that they both love flooding their facilities with neurotoxin, and two they speak with the voices of the ones who had their conciousness uploaded into them so I’m kinda curious and can also control their facilities(I’m sure that opening the door in Bergfinken was FNIX screwing with the player).

What if Von Ulmer is in FNIX but much like Caroline, locked away to ensure that he doesn’t get involved with FNIX’s plans to become some overlord AI?

I’m kinda curious if this theory is true if Veronika can extract Von Ulmer from FNIX and rebuild him into another body like to me personally, that would be hella cool.

I’m just saying, Android!Von Ulmer.

Anyway, I’m out I’ll be back in another like five months lol.

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