FNIX Rising discussion



New trailer was released today (16th of June 2020) confirming a new DLC, coming to steam July 23rd, “FNIX Rising”! I created this so y’all can discuss theories that may rise from this ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s a link to the trailer, those of you who haven’t seen it yet: https://youtu.be/ou1t2WLAYB0

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o i will close my one


i heard someone say basebuilding. i coudn’t find anything about that. does anyone have any info on that?


uncle calle upgraded his tinfoil hat into a tank. thats the story behind it. now the next message from him will be a part-by-part instruction to build your own tank. ez.


I noted Melee weapons, Apocalypse Harvester, Vehicle trail missions, prone coming back from the beta, and of course an even more unique world from the looks of it. There also may be a new type/class of machine, or a new gun. This is already looking like the most content heavy update since launch, even more so then Alpine Unrest. I don’t want to jinx us, but they’ve knocked it out of the park just from the trailer.


the buildings looked like some sort of outposts. maybe we can take over them and get some npc´s in there.


Maybe it’ll be a system like Just Cause, where you have to first destroy different objectives in an outpost (in this case those weird orange light things maybe), then once you do your team takes over the base.


yeah. thats what i kinda meant. or maybe just like far cry where you just need to kill all enemies.


the shell impact that we were researching is actually in the trailer as well. with 2 players running away from it. you can now also see alot better where it came from, even though its only a 2d shot


maybe them npc´s being showed in the trailer really are hiding in the bunker beneath the camp.

looks as bad inside there as it looks outside of the door.


i have a feeling the shell impact was just a repeating event to hint towards this dlc release.my guess is that once the dlc releases, or even right now, the shelling doesn’t happen anymore. It will then happen once as part of the story.

they probably made it repeatable to increase the chances of someone noticing it.


maybe the shelling will spread even more. the artillery tanks they showed in the trailer looked like they are mobile.

at least they got multiple pairs of bobbycar wheels. not THAT mobile.


Calles notes talked about how the machines were building something, hatches in the ground, cables ect. what if, (and this would be amazing) the machines are actually going to build outposts and factories to make more machines. and you would have to actively cut off their supply and basically fight in a tug-of-war with the machines.


“The FNIX Rising update also features free content for all players, including world revamps to the South Coast and Farmland regions”
sounds like there will be hatches appearing in the already known world, possibly containing those thick tanks. GIMME! i dont want do destroy them. i want to DRIVE them. fighing fire with fire, ya know?


Sounds like they’re starting to revamp the rest of the map, along with the starter island :slight_smile:


just thought to myself. a new guy getting into generation zero. 15 minutes into the game, starting to get known to the mechanics. next theing he knows:
Möller PP VS: Badass artillery Tank.


You know what happens when bigger guns are introduced… :open_mouth:


machines get artillery - we get 7* pvg. i dont even wanna think about how strong that beast would be…


I wonder if they will rework the skill tree, especially since they’ll introduce a new weapon type.


OR we discover BIGGER machines. The world is big enough to support one. I can see a machine getting only a 1% drop in health with 10 grenades. That is the point where you realized “Ok. Time to lure it back to the big gun.”