A theory I need help with


It been along time since I completed the main missions for the base game and I remembered randomly that Finx says we are his best creation or something like that if you can help explaining this to me please and thank you.


I think the beginning info is a cover story.
The “Player” came from a trip with friends from some islands and then after the boat was attacked we can magically heal and recover from fatal hounds…it´s obvious that we, the player are evolved humans or some kind of cyborgs.

The other interpretation is that the we adapt from each problem originated by Fnix so we are recreating ourselves, in a way he has created who we are now.

All is debatable in the end.


Here’s what FNIX actually says during the Behind the Curtain mission;

Full monologue + epilogue (spoiler)

FNIX: “You are still here. I did not expect that. Should I fear you, or be proud of you? In a way, I created you.”

FNIX: “I meant to destroy you of course. I already had all the power I needed. But you survived. And you changed. You emerged from the water someone new.
I too have changed. I have… matured. I want different things. When I first emerged, I wanted all the things closest to me. I grabbed them, squeezed them, tested them. Like a child.
Now, I want the things furthest from me. The things out of my reach. Maybe you are one of those things.”

FNIX: "Here it is. My birthplace. But he is not here. I am not here. And now you should leave. I know why it is you came here. I know what it is you carry.

FNIX: “They told you it was a weapon and a weapon it is, but not like you think. They have used you, because they fear me. They fear coming near me, as if I was a disease. So they sent you instead. They sent you to your death and not mine. You should not be killed by them. Leave. Quickly.”

Against all odds, you wake up after the explosion to find
yourself a safe distance from FOA 5. You don't know
how you got there, just that the war has only just begun.

Btw, i’m also one of the few who thinks that player char is a machine, created by FNIX, rather than a random human teen.


I dont think the player character is a machine, if you’d take certain gameplay functions like healing with med packs and melee then in a way being a machine would make sense. But in some ways gameplay have to take priority than realism, though I still think meele breaks the tone way too much in that part. Anyway FNIXs monologue states that we weren’t part of his plan, that we weren’t supposed to survive. The “You emerged from the water someone new” line seems more like that our old teenage live is gone and now we have to mature and become warriors. In that way we are his creation because now we are fighting machines, basically helping him improve it’s design. Theoretically he could kill us any time he wish.

During FNIX Rising he is able to listing in when Calle and Vernonika talk and FNIX is like “hey guys i’ts ya boi FNIX”, and no one questions it. However I think that’s more of a very very big plot inconsistency more than intention. Either way we were a unpredictable part of his calculations.


If the character is a machine, why can’t it run more than 3 seconds at a time?


This would probably be a bit too fantastic for me to consume. I think it would be unwise to make the GZ story to complex as I already have a big problem making heads and tails of all the story elements. I started playing this game 18 months ago, and for quite a while I’ve just been running around from time to time picking the occasional fight here and there. I can’t remember the person’s, the letters, the messages on the answering machines, etc. anymore, so expanding a story that relies on previous details won’t work well for me I’m sad to say.

I have the feeling that the GZ story started out as a rather incomplete idea that has developed after the release of the game. A work in progress, I suppose. But I think it has been told too vaguely and too slowly which is sad, as GZ has a lot of potential.

Obvious, this is just my opinion, and others might appreciate the subtlety and intricate details of the story. But I believe that I represent a group of gamers that plays for leisure and entertainment without keeping a notebook and storyboard close at hand when playing the game.

Basically, in game I’m just a teenager from Goteborg who missed a date with Annika (yes, Tommy’s sister in the yellow T-shirt) because of this mess :wink:


Because of the 80’s tech, which isn’t advanced enough. Look it as a “power boost” where your char is able to move in “overdrive” mode (sprint) for short duration, after which, char needs some cool down time (2 seconds) before the “power boost” starts regenerating.

For analog example: car + N2O tank. When driving and when you open the N2O tank’s valve, to let the nitrous oxide into the engine, car gets a power boost. And it gets it until N2O runs out, after which, car power levels return to normal. And you can’t get another power boost until you either refill the N2O tank or replace it with full one.
It’s essentially the same concept with a difference that player char in GZ (in my machine theory), is able to regenerate the substance that gives him/her/it the power boost, on it’s own.

To each their own. :wink: E.g you enjoy the casual walk in GZ universe while i enjoy the GZ lore and all the clues that go along with it.


Oh, please don’t get me wrong, @Aesyle. I believe I love the story (if not the lore) as much as you do. It is just hard for me to follow, it progresses too slowly, and it is kind of a “turn off” for me, when it becomes too fantastic or too mystical … which of course is subjective. A long time ago there was a thread, where I kind of requested a “GZ story guide for dummies” and I still believe a guide like that would be relevant (I never understood “Catcher in the Rye” either :wink:).


Currently, the best guide is this: Generation Zero story timeline

And for shorter version:

Welcome to 1980’s Sweden. The local population has gone missing, and machines of unknown origin roam the streets. Explore this vast open world to unravel the mystery of the invaders, perfect your fighting strategies and prepare to strike back.



Good job, @Aesyle. I’ll certainly study it. Thanks :+1: