'A wrench in works' quest

Where is the starting location for this quest? Apparently it’s in location Redovisningskansli Öst in the western area around Muskudden or Kilslagen? Can’t find the location


Same here.
I visited all spots in the “mountain” map, did all quests, except this one, because there is no quest-starter anywhere…

The Factory Complex remains locked.

I know this is part of the main quest, so I hope it won’t break any other quest later…


I figured it out. You need to complete the payback quest “The Old Guard” which then unlocks “A Wrench In Works”.

Be careful though, Old Guard quest can glitch heavily on its own

Thanks for the anwer, I wasn’t expecting any so fast ! ^^

Ok, then… I thought missions were always in their own areas, so I didn’t think to search in another one that “Mountains”.

I know what i have to do, now, thx again ! :wink:

You’re welcome! I believe it’s from a warboard mission.

My issue was that the quest glitched for me but fixed itself when I went back a few days later. The quest has many ways to become glitched. Completed it and got the wrench quest after :slight_smile:

I completed the quest, but I haven’t gotten anything about A Wrench In The Works

Hello everyone :wave:

To unlock “A Wrench In The Works” you need to complete the following missions:

  • "Refueling" (From the Farmlands warboard)
  • "Courage, Power and Resilience" (From the Forest City warboard)
  • "The Old Guard" (From the Marschlands warboard)
  • "Lost and Found" (From the Mountains warboard)

Please check that you have completed these missions. When you have, “Wrench In The Works” should appear in your log.

hope this helps!

I have all those done and never got A wrench in the works. In fact i have done all main missions up to behind the curtain.

It appears that there is more fixing needed to make “A Wrench In The Works” unlock as intended for everyone.

We have a high priority ticket for this issue in our bug database and it is currently being looked into.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! :pray:

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Thank you for your help… I love this game. Can’t wait for more missions to be released.

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There is also a bug on PS4 i noticed when going back to check the warboards.
After checking the warboard in each bunker i can’t open the mao and inventory.
Noticed it when checking for missions to be able to complete A Wrench in the works.

Hi @HerrForsell :wave:

Please write up a separate report for that so we’ll handle one issue per forum thread/post.
Thanks for reporting! :pray:

Good luck completing Lost and Found. Luckily, even tho the quest won’t complete, Wrench in the Works will pop anyway, when u finish Lost and Found, if you completed the other 3 as well.

In other words, Lost and Found refuses to mark itself complete, but somehow the game recognizes that u really did complete it, and pops Wrench in the Works anyway.

At least it did for me and two of my friends on 3 separate occasions.