A zero and their dog

Scanning the wasteland zero sees a sight they never thought they would see. It brings a warm feeling to their heart. They spot tied up in the back of the farmhouse a dog.

The iconography of a person wandering the wastes with a loyal canine companion is so in scope for GZ. What would a dog do you ask? Why pick stuff up so you don’t have to. While your bobbing and weaving and taking down bots Fido is working on making sure you don’t miss that first aid kit you desperately need. Or perhaps while your walking down the street Fido is popping from house to house picking up what you need.

I don’t think Fido should fight. If it helps perhaps your canine companion could share the load of the difficult to manage crafting supplies. I think a canine may even make the most sense in solo mode only. It might relieve some of the monotony of the game while giving you something to talk to on that long trek on your lonesome through the countryside.

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