About hunter's jumping attack


I can’t dodge hunter’s jumping attack even when I am in a building.
Is it intended? Because of my poor game skill?
(my native language is not English. So there can be some mistakes in this post)


It’s not just you. I have tried many times to dodge the Hunter’s jumping attack and about 9/10 times I dodge but it still manages to hit me. The only time I have successfully dodged it, is when the Hunter gets stuck on a piece of the environment and so it cancels the animation


Thank you. It is actually undodgeable.This attack is so troublesome because it knocks me down.


About a week ago I was attacked by a pack of hunters while I was hidden away in a garage. One made it onto the roof somehow and was doing his jump attack over and over. It didn’t matter where in the garage I was, I would take massive damage from his attack even if I wasn’t directly under him. I could of course see his “blade” protruding through the roof, so I knew where he was.

These attacks can be dodged, but they seem to have a fairly large area of effect, so even if they miss you directly, you’re likely to still take some large damage.


Right stupid homing jump attack gets me 9/10 times


Yes they can commit to a jump and do right angles around containers in mid air , i do think there attack is OP , oh well i suppose we could suprise them back with the old respawn attack :grin: