Collision Detection

Dear DEV Team,

I absolutely enjoy Generation Zero on xbox one x; but(!) …

Collision Detection ?!?

  • often I (player character) get stuck in objects (e.g. ruins of Iboholmen Castle, top of the old ruined tower, I was planning to shoot through the windows and got stuck in the bed! )

  • often the hunter class robots “jump” into houses; sometimes hanging in the ceiling ?!?
    → and if the player will leave the house, the hunter will get free an starts following the player (just as Scotty beam me up!)

  • I was riding my bike on a road, went through a puddle, ending with my bike under the scenery surface, captured in the water !

water, boats and scenery border…

With the restriction on using boats in the south ( archipelagic area ), you definitely waste a lot of potential !
From the beginning, Generation Zero did remember me of “Call of the Wild”.

  • looks very similar; even the gameplay/ scenery; maybe some features could find their way into Generation Zero ( hunting some meat :slight_smile:

As a big fan of the game “Fishing Planet”, I would like to see drivable boats in the south area.

  • look at fishing planet how easy it is to do.
    → well, of course some fishing (meat) would be nice too…

To use the water as a barrier in the the south area is a dramatic waste of potential for the game !!!

Find a better solution…

Finally I have to say: “Generation Zero already is an amazing game ( even with all the bugs!). Just use the potential on the atmosphere to make it outstanding!”
I don’t think that the game has reached the limits !

Best Regards & Bon Chance!

N ey tiree

xbox one x

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If you’re reporting a bug, please report only ONE (1) bug per bugreport and please use the bug report template.

A chunk of your post seems to be feedback and should not be posted in the bug report forum.
Also, folks have been posting here for years already, try to make a habit of searching the forum first before posting the feedback/complaint/bugreport and post them in their corresponding threads/forum sections.

This will make it much less of a work load to keep the forum organized, and also allows the developers to find “all” of the related feedback in regard to any specific issue.

Regarding getting stuck: Stucked on top of the tower of Iboholmen castle (PC)

Regarding hunter attacks: About hunter's jumping attack

Regarding falling through the map: Falling Through the Ground

Regarding boats and terrain borders: Whats up with the boats - #5 by N_ey_tiree (you posted this yesterday!)

Pretty much what @liggisten said. It is very difficult to go through lists of bugs at once so it’s appreciated if you create separate reports for issues that are not already documented.

Feature requests go in #feedback-feature-requests, please keep them separate.

Since the issues are already covered and there is no way to merge with single topics, I’m going to have to lock this thread.