Accidently Recycling Weapons?

So I have been off GZ for a long time now and picked it up again to check it everything new. I didn’t know what Rivals was, crafting, the DLC which I bought etc.
Then the new inventory came along. Ok I’m getting used to it but it’s supposed quite confusing.

Now my real issue. I found a crafting station for the first time just a moment ago. My inventory was fill so I wanted to store the scraps I picked up. It wouldn’t store in the extra inventory boxes, Plundra I think it’s called but apparently in the crafting station you can not only store that but recycle other stuff.

Well I stored the extra supplies and left, admittedly I pressed the button rather quickly and went on. I went to swap to my Gold MP5 or HP5 which was fully equipped with gold accessories except a blue 2X sight. Even though I know that I had just used it moments before swapping to a 12G it was no longer in my inventory. Ok it must be in the box, fast travel look and it’s not there. Was it recycled? I can’t understand how it could just disappear.

I suddenly remembered why I stopped playing this game all that time ago. So am I screwed or can I get it back?

Also went wouldn’t you have a confirm option before recycling a main weapon filled with attachments?
Any ideas would help.

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Actually, if you are recycling any weapon that has attachments on, including ammo equipped to it, game will tell you in form of a pop-up that every attachment will be detached and at that point, you have final chance either to press “OK” and scrap the weapon or “Cancel” and nothing happens.

Screens too (click here to view)

About to scrap 2* Kpist with ammo attached:

Last chance:

Weapon scrapped since i clicked OK:

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So I didn’t notice any screen like that pop up granted it happened rather quickly. If I didn’t recycle it than I have no idea what actually happened to it. I remember long ago I lost some weapons due to a game crash, that might of been one of the last times I actually played this game.
But that happened when the old inventory forced you to drop something on the ground to pick something else up. Only to find what you picked up was no good so you would grab your old loot. Yet if the game crashed it was gone.
My current game is still running in the background and maybe I can go search for it but I’m assuming it’s gone.

you may have dropped it by accident, i dont think there is a safety warning when this happens. as you fast traveled away you would not of seen it. ( just a thought )

If you know what and how many resources you had before storing them in recycle station and in the slight chance that you did scrap your 5* HP5 then from it, you could’ve got: Adhesive: 6 Steel: 10 Plastic: 10, which are instantly stored in the recycling station.

On a different note, your description is the 2nd time i read about disappearing weapon with new inventory. 1st time was in here: Gun remplacement bug

There should be a little more warning too when scrapping attachments that are on weapons. I’m pretty sure it just gives you the standard “Do you want to scrap this?” dialog if it’s a one crown item you just picked up or a five crown item that’s currently attached to a weapon. If it’s attached, there should be another dialog that asks again if you want to scrap and mention it’s still attached to a weapon. Showing a picture of the item and listing it’s stats in the warning dialog would be nice too.

i think that the scrapping dialog should mention the item in question by name AND quality, if the quality is better than 3 stars/crowns.

Or just compare the quality with the rest of your inventory, if the quality is at least 1 level lower than your best item, it should have a “extended” dialog, that shows the item name and require verification before scrapping…

also, i would VERY much like a “scrap all junk” as an option… :slight_smile:

Since there is always a possibility to accidentally scrap a weapon i use, i never use hotkeys in scrapping menu. I always click and drag the item to the recycling station, to make sure it’s the right item to be scrapped.

Yeah I lost a gold kvm 59 Only thing I did with the recycling table that day was drop off some yarn and textile. The kvm was the last weapon I used b4 shutting it down for the day. Got on the next day and it was gone. Oh well, the grind is on I guess.

Please change the recycle system. I have now lost two experimental weapons by mistake.

First you recycle something and when you’re done with that the next item in the list is your experimental weapon. You thought you had to press e twice to get rid of the previous item but it only took one press and the second press deleted your weapon. And the newly acquired clip and all the bullets… I hate it.

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