Active weapon drops into crate being looted

Platform: Xbox S

Description: when looting a crate or enemy machine the active weapon incl. attachments occasional drops into the crate or the machines repository. Both things has happened to me.

Steps To Reproduce: Loot a thousand crates and it will probably happen.

Images / Videos: none

Host or Client: single player

Players in your game: none

Specifications: Xbox S

Huh… I’m on PC, but I wonder if this could be what happened to my dear exp. Kpist the other day? Suddenly it was gone, and I knew I had it 5 minutes earlier… I backtracked a bit to look for it, but it wasn’t anywhere on the ground. Darn it if it was hiding in a crate! :open_mouth:

I’m betting on a key being pressed accidentally (E or R on PC).


Yes, this is what happened to me the first time. And just to clarity: if I accidentally dropped it by pressing [X] on the controller, it should end up in a rucksack on the ground and not in a crate or in a machine. And I’ve never seen it in my embarassingly many hours of gameplay before the latest change to the inventory system.

This can happen really easily on PC, because loot highlight is quite finicky. Pressing E and quickly again E when trying to loot them, and your active item goes into machine loot.


Can you actually delibrately place things from your inventory into crates or rmachines? And is that supposed to be so? In that case that is news to me.

Yup. If you’re in a rush / tired it can be done by accident quite easily. There are no safeguarding “Are you sure?” prompts.

0h… okay, I’ll check it out. Didn’t know it was designed to be so . Can’t quite see the point, though. The bag on the ground seemed to do the job just fine.

So I guess this bug report can be ignored then.

Yes. And it was introduced alongside new inventory UI.

For us, old timers, that mechanic is new since we never had that in the beginning and i found it out by accident as well. But for the new players, it can be helpful.

I sometimes use it to drop excess stuff into loot bag/box or machine loot table that i don’t need. But my best guess is that it was intended for the instance where you go over your weight limit, so, you can put stuff back.

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Yes, I’ve noticed this happening, it actually happened today - it has made me pay closer attention when I’m grabbing loot.

The exact sequence of events when I notice it goes like this: I’m grabbing loot from a container - suppose it contains 25 9mm SMG rounds, 25 7.62 rounds, and an Advanced Medkit. I’ll hit E-E to quickly grab the whole stack of SMG, E-E to grab the whole stack of 7.62, and then since I’m stuck in that pattern, I hit E-E… which grabs the ONE medkit and then dumps my Exp Klaucke into the container… so then I have to take it back out, and reattach everything to it again.

I think it’s happening to me most often when I am being selective about what ammo I’m going to bother picking up, and so rather than just hitting R to take everything out of the container, I’m hitting E (take) followed by E (transfer the whole amount) on each stack, and then if there is just a single item at the end, I accidentally hit E-E again and it takes the last item and before it closes the container (because it is now empty), I end up dumping an item into the container… usually my Exp Klaucke for some reason.

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That sounds very much like what happened on Xbox to me too. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Personally, I don’t think this is an improvement to the inventory system as it really don’t add to “quality of life” as a player. Not as I play anyway. But now I know and I have to pay more attention.

Quick clarification, as I just tested in-game to confirm. NOTE: I play on PC so I’m just listing the button presses I use… not sure if they are default or not, and not sure if the same thing happens on controller.

When I open my inventory, it of course defaults to the far left tab. On that list for my solo character, for example, it has the Exp Klaucke on top, then the Exp Kpist, and so on down the list. So it is important to note that the Klaucke is on top of the list.

When I open a loot container, if I hit R to “take all”… it takes everything and then closes the container.

If instead I hit E (take) and E again (transfer all) on each stack of items, when I’ve taken the last item, the container STAYS OPEN. It doesn’t automatically close the container when the last item is taken, unless you have used the “take all” command.

So that’s exactly what’s happening… I take everything out of a container WITHOUT using “take all” and it stays open, and so then if I accidentally bump E again, it drops the top weapon on my list into the container.

It’d be nice if a minor change could be made to have it so that it won’t default to dropping items into the container unless you specifically select one. :slight_smile:

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Exactly the same for Xbox except you press the [X] button instead. And I agree with you @Fizban, it would be nice if this could be avoided, eg. So you’ll have to actively select the item to drop first. Usually, my active weapon is the one I would be most reluctant to part with.

When I lost my Kpist, I don’t think I accidenatally stashed it in a random container… Could have, but no. It wasn’t my active weapon at the time either. :thinking: Some way or another, I suspect this game magically drops your weapons some times, but I could be wrong.

From what I’ve seen, it isn’t necessarily your active weapon, but rather the TOP weapon on your list of weapons if you open your inventory.

In my case, my usual active weapon is typically my Algstudsare or my Kpist, and in every case I’ve seen this happen, it is the Experimental Klaucke that ends up being accidentally dropped into a container. This is because it sorts to the TOP of my main inventory when I open it.

So if you have an Experimental that is your “best item” that sorts to the top of your list, that is what probably gets accidentally dumped into a container if you are looting and accidentally tap the drop button after grabbing the last loot out of a container.

Another thought occurs to me: Why is the “take” button the same as the “drop” button? I guess there are limited options on controllers, but still. :wink:

Good gaming!

I assume, that when this happens and you noticed the drop, you can take back the dropped weapon from the container or machine again?

Yes, you can take it back if you notice. I’ve been fortunate enough to spot it when it happens, so I haven’t lost any weapons yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is what is behind so many mystery disappearances that you hear about.

The only minor problem is, if you dump a weapon into a container, it obviously also dumps the attachments into it, and it separates them - so you have to take everything back, and then go into your inventory and reattach any attachments you had on it.

Good gaming!

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In both cases when it happened to me, I lost the weapon in my hand. First time the PVG90 with all attachments, second time my AG4 with all the attachments. My AG4 is my number 1 equipped weapon and my PVG90 is my number 2 equipped weapon. But … as you say, @Fizban … their order in the inventory might have swapped, making your observation correct in my case too.

When i loot bag/box or machine and at 1st, i think that i don’t take ALL but instead some, i’ll pick them up with E key. If i happen to end up picking them all up one-by-one, the last item i pick up with R key, since latter also closes the loot window. Smashing E key on the last item can result in the issue described here.