Put a lock on weapon configurations

I would find it very useful if I could lock my weapon configurations. If I drop a weapon (e.g. by accident like this) or if I place it in the Plundera, all attachments gets disassembled. It would be very convenient if I could lock it all together as a unit. It would probably stimulate me to use a wider range of weapons, since I wouldn’t have to go through the rather tedious process of reassembling it when I want to use it again. It should of course be easy to unlock the configuration again.

Currently when you put a weapon in the plundra and take it out it keeps all attachments and ammo though? :thinking: so you can say for instance have 2 Ag4’s, one silenced with long scope, and second with barrel extension and acog. If you weren’t aware! But definitely it could be better shown in game, showing which attachments are on a weapon specifically in the plundra. :slight_smile:

*edit; and the cherry on top as of a recent update where slots would “remember” items, weapons placed and removed from the plundra will even return to the exact slot of usage if you don’t use a new gun in said slot. :smiley: (just a fun plundra pro tip)


Thanks, @tene, I’ll try it out again :+1:

You just need to make sure you have the available space in the Plundra before hand, then it will stay locked as Tene mentioned.


Thanks guys, I feel stupid now :expressionless:. It should be quite evident that I haven’t changed my weapons for at least one (and probably more) update of the Plundra.

One other quickly for you, if your swapping guns for the same ammo, make sure to remove the ammo from the gun before Plundra drop so it doesn’t also try to store the rounds.

Okay, I’m confused but I don’t feel stupid anymore. Here’s how my Plundra works. I have my AG4 6* with extensions (red dot scope, barrel extension, extended magazine). I put it in my plundra (store all in category). I bring it back from the plundra and all extensions stay in the plundra. So I have to bring them back one by one and reattach them. I would like to lock them to the weapon so they stay on the weapon when in the plundra and - especially - when I take it out of the Plundra again. That would be weally, weally nice :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not what’s meant to happen. It’s meant to pull all previously stored attachments when you pull them back out. Providing you have the space to drop into, and remove from plundra for your inventory I’m well confused why this is happening.

Just tried the same thing with my Klauke. This time it worked like a charm. Twice! But I just pressed “Store”, not “Store all in category”. Perhaps that’s the trick …

Too many buttons to choose from for an old fart like me :wink:

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One may have assumed you were pressing that button to begin with :sweat_smile:

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Especially in the plundra, yes. “There is no pleasing someone” - I know, but I have two AG4 6* and now I can’t see which one of them are equipped :smile: