Add free movement and pause to photo mode

Did a bit if scrolling and didn’t see anything on it, but I’d love an upgrade to the photo mode. As someone who will spend way too much time with any given photo mode in other games, infind this one to be severely lacking. I can’t move the camera around or zoom it in or out. Most other photo modes will stop the game, and I’d like that for this one, at least when playing alone. Obviously it wouldn’t be possible in MP, but if I’m playing solo, I see no harm.

This game is far too beautiful for such a tacked on photo mode.


If you change the values in photo mode, you can move the camera (pitch, yaw etc) and for zooming there’s view angle you can adjust.

Yes, but it would be much, much easier to control the camera position with mouse.

Easier? Yes. But when devs implemented it as such then i don’t think it would see any change.

The essence of this game :wink:

Change what values? Sounds like a PC thing, and I’m on Xbox.

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All versions of the game can do it.
Here is a video from @tene
Skip to about 6:15 for a photo mode demonstration

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That’s pretty much limited to the camera’s current position, though. What @PureEvil616 is asking for is a freely moveable camera similar to what other games’ photo modes allow.

This guy gets it. I just want a little more freedom.

Although… I straight up didn’t realize the menu scrolled further down. How the hell did I miss that? That helps a little, but I still want more freedom.

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I feel like photo mode in gz forces you to be resourceful in how you take pictures, and that feels much more fitting to the feel and atmosphere of gz.
If camera mode got a free cam, sure it would help to take landscape shots, but instead you could climb a mountain, fight some machines along the way and get a gorgeous landscape shot from the mountain top. I’d prefer the latter to just a camera i could spin up and into the sky myself :sweat_smile:

I am pretty sure camera moving distance would somewhat be limited by what the game has currently rendered already. Not to mention the issue of getting mowed down by a stray patrol of Hunters during your out-of-body experience. :smile:

In my opinion the best way to handle this would be if the game took a snapshot of what’s currently happening - pretty much a threedimensional freeze frame for you to walk around and then take shots in. This would allow us to create better screenshots from fighting scenes as well.

NVidia Ansel comes to mind. But that would discriminate AMD users. And a game made for multiplayer cannot be paused.

It would be great if what is currently on sliders for positioning could be made available to mouse and controller bindings.

I don’t need to fly up a mountain with it, just movie it around near my character. And I’d like to be able to look at my character with my gun in hand and not while doing some dance or emote.

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Invite a buddy in your game and let him/her make a screenshot or vid of you.
Like so:

(Wanted to see 6* Kpist in 3rd person view.)

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That’s missing the point, Aesyle. Making your own pictures can be fun. Getting your friend to have a crack at it instead is a different fun.

Missing the point? Yes. But how likely it is that the devs implement the photo mode free roam camera in January’s Update? I’d say slim to none.
What i provided is a way which can be used to achieve what OP likes to get with the current mechanics.

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what if you are anti-social and don’t have any buddies that play?


Look man, this is the Feature Request section. I’m requesting a feature. Do I expect it anytime soon? No. Would I rather have a more competent inventory system? Yes. But I would still love a better photo mode one day. Until then, I’ve been making due with what I have. I just wish I could have a little more freedom with it.IMG_35e18166-3022-4ef7-9b80-1e5518ef231a


If you are truly anti-social you don’t have any buddies at all :wink: