Add melee and kick attacks


Let me kick open some doors and kick over that trash can just for fun. A kick and melee attack would be very helpful and just simple fun. At least give me something I can use to defend myself when machines charge me to knock me down. Sticks, bats, pipes, etc. Just a couple simple items I can swing and maybe throw too! Thanks for listening to my suggestion.


I’m not asking for melee weapons like bats to be added, but kicking or swinging your equipped weapon at a tick would be nice. also a quick dodge so you can roll out of the way of attacks would help


Ticks, Ticks, Ticks…they have put me down more than any other enemy. I had to kill 27 [twenty-seven] in a little bitty garage. Had 5 jumping on me at once…my wife closed the door to our den because of the blasphemy and cursing I was doing. Need the ability to swat the little buggers. Don’t worry, won’t try swatting a Tank or Harvester, I promise.