Add mission restart option

Xbox One

I think a way to restart missions would be a good idea so people can re-play missions they liked. And also a way to restart all the missions at once so start again but with the same equipment you have, and then also when you make new characters it should be like starting a new game where you start from the beginning so you don’t have to go in and delete your save data manually.

This would also be an easy solution to the Minken bunker glitch that I, and several other people have encountered, where destroying the robot in the container that’s draining the power, before you are prompted to through the objective of “find out what’s draining the power” stops you from progressing any further. I’ve restarted my game and went back a few times but the robot is still destroyed and I can’t go on to find the war board and unlock the missions for that area of the map. Having a way to restart the missions from the beginning would be an easy way to negate this sort of stuff from happening again, as long as when you restart the mission, there’s no bug where it just resets your objectives but not the things you’ve already done like destroying that robot early lol.


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