Please Add New Games


I love the game, zero complaints. Well except one. New characters don’t have their own save progress? I want to enjoy the game solo and have it separate from the game I play with a friend. Would it be possible for you to add new save games for me to enjoy?!


They’re supposed to… It’s another bug that they use your other character’s progress, allegedly.


If your on Xbox, you can have a separate xbl profile / smurf account to do this.

Not ideal, but it’ll work as a way to do it short term


Hello TheBurger, I don’t know why you would give this answer, seeing as it’s completely false.
The savegames work as intended right now. Creating a new character only resets your XP and your inventory as of now. I’m trying to change that at the moment, but there are no plans of changing it from the Devs right now.


I’m thinking about either doing that, or buying it again for PS4. Just wish I didn’t have to


The fact that you have zero complaints makes me curious considering the large number of game breaking bugs. However, in the bugs topic section you’ll find quite a bit of people warning others that when making another player it will glitch. What would be the point of resetting character stats and inventory(which didn’t happen for some players and kept both) just to continue off at the same point in the game? HOW are you supposed to level up if missions are completed? I myself have experienced this bug, and other players have noted in the bugs section that when you create a second character the map data may disappear for your main, inventory will remain intact, and story progress will carry over. If it works “as intended” then you must be the only person with a pristine functioning copy of GZ.


I was talking about mission progress carrying over. That’s 100% intended. The only things you lose creating a new character is your level and your inventory

Map data disappearing is a bug and is not only triggered when creating new characters.