Please add "New Game"


When that happens I delete the character, restart the game and create a new one


I just had all this progress with friends, wish I could keep it so when we play again we can pick up at the same spot together :\


Turns out this is not a bug and is a feature of the game. All characters currently always share the same world until you delete them all. That’s crap system if you ask me.


You can backup your “Avalanche Studios” folder in your Windows “Documents” folder and then delete it. This contains your character saves and game settings. The game will create a new one when you boot it up. Then you can swap “Avalanche Studio” folders when you play with friends and when you play solo. Annoying but it’s a functioning work-around :slight_smile:


Thank you soooo much! That will definitely do for now :slight_smile:

I had looked for that but totally slipped my mind on Avalanche Studios and was looking for Generation Zero


Forgot to mention you will probably need to disable Steam Cloud Storage for Generation Zero for this to work.


Gotcha, you were right I had to disable the Steam Cloud Storage and this workaround works like a charm.


This is just ridiculous, i mean most of the games when you create a new character gets to do everything over again, but in this game, you are low lvl with all the quest done that you made on your first charater, i don’t know if people agree with me about fixing this problem with character creation.


Yes does seem odd how that is suppossed to work , i mean do the robots have a discussion when they encounter us and say ‘’ look at that lvl 1 noobie and look at our lvl 30 red an black robot badasses , 1 dead meat Popsicle . :rofl:


Yeah exactly, i mean, you should be able to start over and do that characters own quest and progression. It is like, here you go, no weapons no nothing, have fun meeting your first characters lvl robots xD


I really like this game a lot, and for the most part, I think they’ve made the right choices in how they implemented stuff. In other cases, things might need to be tweaked a bit.

But this is really the most horrible idea they could possibly have come up with. I struggle to think what the rationale behind thinking this was even remotely a good idea. Every video in the history of video games that gave multiple save game slots have offered those slots as “new game”. There’s a good reason for that. Why they decided to do it this way boggles my mind.

I finished the story. I want to start over. Start new character at Level 1, get thrown into the end game with no XP, no advanced weapons, no missions, the whole map opened, and facing all the top tier enemies. What could possibly go wrong?


Yep I got a lvls 4 second and just use to store gold weapons don’t use like A5 /A4 the 2 shotgun types but to be honest I would like to see changes to how do earned as well add more to missions and remove so from kills also add chance to reset mission not that you should have to just coz killed bots out turn of mission objectives


I really like this game a lot, and for the most part


I saw this discussion on Reddit and one guy said that there is a workaround:

(1) delete all your local saves (create a backup first)
(2) disconnect from Steam or console on-line services
(3) Start a new character

I did not try this and I don’t know if it’s safe or even if it works, but it seems quite harmless?


I don’t know how it’s done on consoles, but I know this works fine on PC. Your save game data can be found in your Documents/Avalanche Games/ folder.

First you uncheck the Steam Synch for Gen Zero in Steam, then move the contents of the aforementioned folder somewhere else (if you want to back it up) or delete if you don’t care. Next time you fire up the game, you’ll start a brand new game.


Save Deletion on PS4 – GOTO . >> setting’s >> storage >> saves . Then select Gen Zero folder press options button ( contoller ) > delete . All done , just incase you change your mind or need a backup copy save to usb or upload to PS+ , then you have back up … Cheers


Platform: Xbox one x

Description: When creating a new Character, character starts where 1st Character leaves off. Location, missions and equipment.
Should it be like starting a new game?

Steps To Reproduce: Create new character

Images / Videos: none

Host or Client: Single player

Players in your game: just me

Specifications: When creating a new Character, character starts where 1st Character leaves off. Location, missions and equipment.
Should it be like starting a new game?


All is in order and this is how it is supposed to be.

Reason for that somewhat uncommon concept, where all your chars share the same world and mission progress, is due to the skill system in game.

There are 48x skills in game and if you want to max out all skills, you need in total of 84x skill points. Max char lvl is 31, meaning that you can get only 30 skill points for one char. With it, you can not possibly to test out all skills and that’s where new char creation comes into play.

The other three chars are there for testing out different skill builds, without resetting your current progress with the game (missions, collectables etc).

For example, here are my 4x chars with different skill builds for each of them: What is your skill build?


I believe we should get a choice when we create a new character, whether the new character is starting where the last left off, or starts a new game. I feel strongly about this. I want to play the game again without deleting save files from computeer and cloud…


In one of the latest dev streams, the new game feature was asked. Devs answer is at 00:42:05,