Please add "New Game"


I’m with Bootie on this one. And are at work so I can’t watch the stream right now. And when I finally deleated my characters for a new game. The relay beacons was missing for me. I would like there to be an option for a fresh start. I prefer Booties version. But if that’s not an option then an option in the menues for a clean start. Not everyone is technical enough to do a manual clean up of old saves. Especially People on consoles like me. We like it user friendly.


With such an overwhelming reaction on this subject you would think they would accommodate in order to not loose financial support.
I guess I wont be purchasing anything from them until this is addressed, I feel cheated by not being able to experience the game more.
Sad that such a fun game comes to an end so soon.


Skill respec, if implemented properly, can remedy the current issue of picking unwanted skill. But for that discussion, we have a separate topic: Skills Respec please

If it’s hard to get 1x char to lvl31, getting 4x chars to lvl31 would be impossible, right? But somehow, i managed to do that (if you check the “What is your skill build?” link i gave above). With it, are you implying that i made impossible possible? :astonished:


All characters share the same Plundra. You can share weapons and other items easily :wink:


Totally agree on this, new character should (as an option or not) create a new world with separate progression.

I got this game yesterday to play with a friend. Today he can’t play so I wanted to start a completely new character for my own solo progress and keep the other character for my multi-player progress with my friend. The way it is now is confusing and I don’t know if playing solo will affect the multi-player or other way around. I want to progress in MP together with my friend, at the same level and discover/experience the same things, while still being able to play solo sessions to try other builds or just play the game differently.

Having new characters get their own progress would still allow for trying new builds/skills, so does a respec system.

I understand there are workarounds to backup/remove save folders and disable steam sync but I honestly feel that’s too error prone and is to be considered nothing but an unsupported workaround.


Xbox One

I think a way to restart missions would be a good idea so people can re-play missions they liked. And also a way to restart all the missions at once so start again but with the same equipment you have, and then also when you make new characters it should be like starting a new game where you start from the beginning so you don’t have to go in and delete your save data manually.

This would also be an easy solution to the Minken bunker glitch that I, and several other people have encountered, where destroying the robot in the container that’s draining the power, before you are prompted to through the objective of “find out what’s draining the power” stops you from progressing any further. I’ve restarted my game and went back a few times but the robot is still destroyed and I can’t go on to find the war board and unlock the missions for that area of the map. Having a way to restart the missions from the beginning would be an easy way to negate this sort of stuff from happening again, as long as when you restart the mission, there’s no bug where it just resets your objectives but not the things you’ve already done like destroying that robot early lol.


i share your frustration , and i believe this is a big request and has been acknowledged on streams from the staff.



If nothing else I’d like the ability to restart broken quests or ones that get fixed later.


After having completed the campaign, I really second this suggestion to the developers. Being able to manually restart the game from scratch - clear all map and missions, but keep you characters.
In this way you could experience the entire campaign again, but try a new character build, new options etc. This would add tremendously to the already very high replay value of this game.
Great suggestion - devs please take note! :+1: :sunglasses:


Hi there,

a feature which i would enjoy is, having the choice to not share your map and quest progress between your characters. Just a checkbox at character creation where you can choose if this is a “standalone progress” character. I´d love to replay the game without deleting my maincharcter (yeah i know i can backup the char by copying the files).



I would like to do the same.


Does the workaround of turning off synchronisation in Steam and then starting a new game work?

I’m on my third character, but gameplay has been hobbled by things being carried over, updates changing things etcetera. I just want to be able to play the game from, well, generation zero without having things be broken or already completed.

For instance, I haven’t seen a single Relay Beacon in the entirety of my latest playthrough (even though the map shows undestroyed beacons: “Relay Beacon 0/1”), and I’m at level 26 now.


Did you do this: ?


That worked, thanks! :slight_smile:


When I delete the saves, it also deletes my characters. I don’t think there is any way currently to reset missions without losing your characters, is there?? :thinking:


If you’re starting a brand new play experience why would you want the same character? The idea is to start NEW.


In the pic you linked to it says: “Want to reset but not delete your character?”
Besides, you have 4 characters, but you can only play the story with one of them (or 1/4 of the story with each). Doesn’t make sense to me.


Im making this short and sweet. I wish there was a new game feature.


Can always jump online and help others complete missions…

Its all XP :cowboy_hat_face:


Rip if only I had xbox live