Adren Pens and HP packs

I concur!

As to pick what you need, you should see my inventory.
It’s pure need-basis, no crap there.
Same for Plundra.
No additional weapons, only a very select few attachments, bit of ammo, HP packs (I do have several stacks of those)…
This run through I ONLY have the Gold LMG 59’er, haven’t picked up anything else.
Had to sit 12 hours ingame to get new 7.62mm for my gun, as all ammo I got, none had the 7.62 in the loot boxes in that first bunker.
Then… it came a plenty.

Sad, but true, to go with Metallica.
But if we give up, where will it run to, no?
I bought the game once released.
It was so damn good, the PERFECT (oh well, save for a bug here and there, but balance wise beautiful) game, and then I saw it turn into… well… what we have now.

If I do NOT bring it up, they will think I finally let go, I am OK with it, but I am so not.
Hence I revert always to this very same part.
How can I NOT do it.
I paid a lot of money for a game that got rap… err… ummm… changed.
I just want back what I paid for, is that so bad?

I want mine to look like Yul Brynner.
More aged, since, well, a seventeen year old just does not do what I do without military training.
Right? :wink:
Besides, Yul had this gorgeous bald head, lol

Don’t you find it sad, miss?

Oh, maybe we get a minigun, as I said in a different post: it HAS been done, in Predator.
So it must be true, no? :stuck_out_tongue:
Another weapon to go for and loot if RNG allows.

Hi Miss Aesyle.

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You forgot the Medic specialization. With Medic specialization active, you revive yourself or your buddy to 100 HP. For players who doesn’t have Medic specialization, they can revive themselves or their buddy to 20 HP. So, following is correct:

type stack size heal amount total per slot specialization
Adrenaline 20 20 400
Adrenaline 20 100 2000 Medic

Also, skill Heal Amount increases the heal amount per first aid kit as well. Lvl1 = 20% increase, lvl2 = 40% increase and lvl3 = 60% increase. So, with this skill, you don’t need to carry as much first aid kits around.

Speaking of first aid kits, all my 4x chars carry:
2x full stacks of simple first aid kits (40x) with one stack on toolbelt
3x full stacks of standard first aid kits (30x) with one stack on toolbelt
3x full stacks of advanced first aid kits (15x) with one stack on toolbelt
1x full stack of a-shots (20x), except my Medic char, she has 2x full stacks of a-shots (40x)


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Sorry, yes, the values are all base values. No extra health, better medpacks etc. I’ll edit a note to that effect.
There’s a specialisation for ressing yourself, and that takes no slots too.

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Survival specialization? Yes, it can revive you once per combat without the use of a-shot but you’d still come back with 20 HP, so, in that sense, i find Medic specialization better.


Yes, I think it’s sad. I wonder if I misread what the game was about. I really bought into it all, and it’s a shame to see it become the thing I hoped it wasn’t. But, I’m not going to fall for the sunk-cost fallacy. If avalanche want all their work to amount to Doom with robots, that’s up to them. I don’t have to play it. (Now my co-op buddies moved on, I’m just seeing what’s possible with mods, when I forget about the apo machines.)

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I am fine with 20 a-shots. I never use more than 2-3 in a fight max. It just does not matter.

It sucks a little that advanced med kits only amount to 375 hp. They should all be 500 stacks.

One problem is that dying bears no penalty. Dying should drop region score. Killing rivals should not, does not make any sense.

Other then that I am fine with the med part of the game.

Oh, and the paramedic pack is utterly useless. I never even pick those up.

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Region score shows how much of a threat you are in that region. Higher the score - higher the chance for rival to spawn to deal with continuous threat from your part. And if you ice the rival, machines draw back to consolidate their forces, reflected by the region score dropping.

If region score would drop based on your own death then those players who aren’t good in combat would have very hard, if not next to impossible chance to level up region score to the point where rival would spawn in.
This change would favor the combat part of the game where you need to be good in combat (not dying) to get region score up. Also, how about deaths from falling damage or when you accidentally blow yourself up? Is it fair to punish players by the small mistakes?

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Why not? If I’m not at a 100% health when I stumble across on, I pick it up to top off my health. A medkit spared.



They would have to adopt different strategies. And I am not saying how much to drop. It comes down to balancing.

The rationale is: You can even destroy the particularly dangerous rivals? That would increase your threat potential. It would be logical. And there is the issue that deaths are meaningless in this game (aside from a-shot consumption, and a-shots are only there to make deaths less of a hassle).

But this is off-topic, has been discussed somewhere else.

You are right. But I have so many med kits usually that it is just not worth it. And to use them during fights? To have to go to a certain spot in order to get less health from it than from a simple kit? And that only works 3 times? And those things do not stack in your inventory? Dead on arrival.

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Paramedic response packs are meant for MP gameplay. For example, there’s battle going on, with me + 2 other players. I see they taking some hits and i too am not 100% health. I run near to them, deploy paramedic response pack and immediately consume one use. Paramedic response packs, like rockets, have area of effect use, healing everyone who is near it with 20 HP.

The more people there are, the more use of it has. With 4 players in game, one paramedic response pack heals: 3 uses x 20 HP x 4 players = 240 HP.

Speaking of healing, there is a skill: Healer, that hasn’t worked since launch. If it would work as intended, it would give the ability to heal other players with your own first aid kits. That skill was one of the reasons why i made my 2nd char as a Medic.


Oh! I had no idea! Is the same true for ammo boxes?

I liked the look of the medic skill because I enjoy playing the healer. I just haven’t found a viable way to play healer in GenZero, especially with rambos.

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Huh, didn’t know that either!

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Paramedic back with 4 players, is still worst option. 1 single adv.medkit has almost same effect.
Just because it takes so much space, and in hectic combat it might be hard to get everyone in same spot.

Post what i have made some time ago, some toughs about paremedic pack.
Way too many first aid kits in game loot, makes players bullet sponges

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Ammo packs seem to be a bit broken in MP. They should work the same as paramedic response packs when someone near you uses it to gain some ammo but you won’t gain any ammo.

Did test it out with buddy of mine. Dropped the ammo pack for him, he used m/49 to get HE rockets out of it. I was standing right next to him, holding my AG4 with 7.62mm AP loaded in it and i didn’t get the 20x rounds of 7.62mm AP in my inventory after he used ammo pack once to get 1x HE rocket.

Of course, at that time, i didn’t think to check if i got 1x HE rocket as well, so, further MP testing with ammo packs would be needed.

Playing as Medic is one of the hardest in GZ since you’d need a good team where everybody knows each other’s skills and also plays into it.

Example of good team with medic

3x person team: sniper, medic and gunner.

By looking the map and elevations/buildings, sniper would go and position himself/herself on high ground or parkour to the roof of a house. The rest of the team won’t engage until sniper is in position. Once sniper is in position sniper could mark enemies if Marking skill is unlocked, else-ways scout the area and report the findings. Once the machines are located the main team engages while sniper provides cover.

Gunner is the one who aggros machines first since he/she can tank the damage (Vanguard specialization) and gunner would also be the one who deals most of the dmg to enemies (using LMG would make gunner even more epic).

Medic would follow gunner and use his/hers Marking skill to mark enemies close by for gunner and sniper to see them better. Medic would also be the one to revive gunner back to 100 HP if gunner drops to the ground. For weapon and target choice, medic would be support for gunner. E.g when gunner deals with bigger target (tank/harv), medic is close by with HP5/Kpist, dealing with runners who might flank the gunner. Dealing with flanking hunter(s) is hard for single person and here, medic needs the support of sniper.

Example scenario:
Loc: Klinte church

Enemies: FNIX tank near church

Battle plan: Whole team sneaks into church. Once there, sniper parkours his/hers way to the church’es roof (yes, on the roof, not in the belltower. I’ve done it several times.). Once there, sniper is in position and gunner can engage the tank.
With tank engaged and commotion started, pack of FNIX hunters come running (usually from Klinte or SE from Klinte church). Sniper should spot those and start dealing with added threat, leaving tank for the gunner.
Rocket barrage/autocannon salvo drops the gunner, medic rushes his/hers way to the gunner to revive him/her. Tank (all enemies actually), will go to the yellow (searching) state for few seconds as soon as they’ve dropped their target. Sniper can take the tank’s aggro for himself/herself for time being, so that the medic who is reviving gunner won’t be downed by tank’s next barrage/salvo.
Once the gunner is up, gunner starts engaging the tank again and tanks usually do switch their target to the closest player, in this case, back to the gunner.
Once the hunters are close to the gunner-medic team, medic can switch it’s focus to hunters, helping sniper to deal with them while still keeping an eye out for gunner (if he/she should drop down again).

If the Healer skill would work, medic can heal gunner during the firefight as battle goes on but sadly, Healer skill doesn’t work.

Do note that 240 HP is across 4x players, where each player still gets their 60 HP.


Sure. And the need to run to a certain spot is nothing I really can sustain during combat. That together with 20 HP a pop (per player) makes it basically useless for me.

What is the range of that thing anyways?

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No clue. Need to test it out in-depth in MP. But my guess would be 5m - 10m.



(more characters)


The medic description sounds very interesting, though I’m not convinced the roof is a great spot to fight from. There’s little room for manoeuvrer. I was expecting more juggling with flares and fireworks.
Maybe healing others during combat just isn’t a viable option in an fps. I really like the outline above, it would be nice to try if I had the team.

Edit: @pegnose if you find the paramedic packs in shelter before combat, you can deploy them in safe places so you get “free” heals while you take cover. E.g. church stair wells.

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Some houses have taller chimneys which sniper can use as a cover but yes, houses have small footprint roofs and it’s difficult for sniper to find cover on it. But it’s doable.

For medic/support, yes, you can juggle fireworks/flares. I forgot to add that tactic in my description since i don’t use fireworks/flares with any of my chars anymore.

And for your team, i can be one of it’s members. I have chars who fit as sniper, medic and gunner, as it’s seen from here: What is your skill build?

Oh, at current time, only way for medic to heal gunner (or others) is by dropping paramedic response pack and using it near player(s), as i described above. It isn’t much but at least it’s something.

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For sniping, it would be something if one could climb trees and such, to get to a ‘sweet spot’ or birds nest.