Adrenaline not reduced, it's all gone now

I took a little trip back through the beginning area after I wandered in the northern area for awhile, looking for adrenaline. I looked into 57 containers of all varieties in the north, and found ZERO adrenaline. In the starting area I moved in a southwestern direction, and looted 173 containers, and found ZERO adrenaline.

However, I did find a large number of minor health packs–far more than usual. So I am forced to surmise that the adrenaline has been REPLACED by minor health packs.

‘Reduced’ does NOT mean ‘eliminated’. I am a solo player, and if I cannot revive myself, I will be zapped back into the nearest ‘safe house’ , which may be over a kilometer away, and have to start the trip all over again. Fun, Fun…NOT.

Please take a look into this situation. Some folks complaining about an item that they are NOT forced to pick up and use has some serious issues with many other players.

Thank you. BTW, great work on Rage 2! You guys know the open world creation.

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Just keeping on top of things here, there is a method to farming them still so you don’t need to have a harsh time with the game!
I hope to see the next patch come with maybe other options for balancing, but for now my method works pretty well.
check my post here; Adrenaline farming tips

Please tell me the logic of how me having 500 adrenaline in MY INVENTORY actually affects YOUR game play. IT DOES NOT! So please don’t tell ME how to play MY own game, that I paid for with MY own money.

Devs…thanks for screwing up MY game play, based on some other people’s opinions of THEIR game play. Arrogant crybabies win this one, I guess. Too bad. Cave-in…

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