After 30 hours, some feedback on inventory

An aspect of the game I didn’t touch on in my 20 hours of play thread, was inventory. Here are my likes, dislikes, suggestions and thoughts on the current inventory system:


  1. The inventory system isn’t as strict in terms of carrying capacity as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. That’s about the only nice thing I can say


  1. There is no method grouping / sorting of items in any particular category. Ex:
  • If you have all the various types of ammo they are not grouped together. So if you are looking for FMJ (full metal jacket) and Armor Piercing for 7.62mm for the Automatgevär 4, you will find the FMJ then have to go down past any number of other ammo types to find the Armor Piercing.
  • If you have multiple weapons, you have to scroll through the list to differentiate between the tiers. So if you have a Tier 1 and 2 Automatgevär 4 in your inventory, they are not grouped together.
  1. Weapon Attachments
  • Weapon Attachments are not clearly indicated whether or not they are attached to a weapon. It took me over 20 hours in to notice the little white triangle in the bottom right corner on an attachment indicating whether or not an attachment is equipped to a weapon or the binoculars.
  • If you attempt to recycle or store an attachment there is no warning prompt notifying you that the attachment is in use by a weapon or the binoculars. So you may accidentally recycle or store an in use weapon mod and not even notice.
  • NO SORTING OR GROUPING METHOD. THIS. IS. BAD. I can’t stress enough how aggravating it is to go through my inventory after hours of playing and look through all my attachments to find the ones that aren’t equipped to see if they are better than what is on my weapons currently. Like the ammo, they are not sorted by ANY means and there is no available way to sort them. The most efficient way would be to group them by weapon type, and then by quality tier. But as things are now, you can see a tier 1 SMG silencer in the inventory, then an assault rifle mod, then a shot gun mod, then a pistol mod, then an SMG mag, then more non-SMG mods, then finally a tier X SMG silencer.
  • Attachments still show up in the weapon attachments section of your inventory when they are actually attached to a weapon. If this was changed so that they no longer show up in your inventory the benefit would be two fold. Firstly, you wouldn’t have to sort through them to find other mods you are looking for. Second, they presumably, wouldn’t count toward your encumbered weight limit. If the desire from developers is to have them count toward your weight limit, simply add the weight of the attachment to that of your weapon. So if you have weapon that weights 5 units add an attachment to it that weights .25 units, make it so the the weapon weights 5.25 units but the attachment no longer shows up in your list of available attachments in your inventory.

Overall impressions of inventory:

It’s in a bad spot right now, but with a few tweaks, it can be much better. Add the following:

  1. Ability to sort weapons by:
  • Quality Tier (1-6 stars) ascending / descending
  • Weapon Type
  1. Ability to sort ammo by:
  • Associated Weapon / Weapon Type
  • Ammo Type
  1. Ability to sort gear by:
  • Type (I.E. Consumables like healing items and adrenaline, Dropable items like explosive tanks, and Throwables like grenades)
  1. Ability to sort attachments by:
  • Associated weapon type
  • Attachment slot (all barrel mods grouped together, all sights grouped together, etc.)
  • Quality Tier ascending / descending
  1. Do the above for the storage chest as well as player inventory.

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