After May Update

Hi ive noticed after Update in may ,that alot of loot boxes are empty ,and even after 24hrs of being logged Out loot did not respawn


Same here. It’s specifically “Toolboxs” that seem to be empty all the time when looting.

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Can confirm same thing happening with me too

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Happening to me as well on PC.

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In the short time I played since the patch, I can confirm that tool boxes are mostly empty.

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Hi! Thanks for reporting this, it’s greatly appreciated! Yeah, Toolboxes don’t seem to have loot the way they’re intended to at the moment. They’ll be on it as soon as they can.

Question what portion of the map are you looting at

Im Looting All over the map

there is a 4 hour cool down i think was said ( so 4 hours playing time in the game before loot is reset )

I am also and its all over. I didn’t play for a couple days so the cool down shouldn’t be the issue.

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@SR_Carni - be sure to pass on this is NOT an issue on the starter island, where it’s most likely to be tested and no problem found. It’s on the rest of the map.

What gives you the impression that bugs are only tested on the starter island? That is completely false

Of u read my Start message i said i was logged off for 24 hrs and was still no reset from loot and i did this many Times ,loot ist missing in the toolboxes End of Story

You do know that you have to wait for 4 INGAME hours for loot to respawn, though?

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Of coursei do my answer was for jake

Just saying from my own experience working with beta testers over the years. If they’re overwhelmed by a zillion bugs to test, open a handful of tool boxes on the starter island and see no issue, it’s easy to chalk it up to people just not waiting long enough for loot to respawn and move on to the next bug.

Decided to log in to post feedback. My husband and I play coop, have almost 100 hours with story missions and side missions complete (except 1- Hazardous Contents, seems to be bugged). I always hosted, so decided we would start a new game with him hosting this time and deleted his save. We both created new characters and after the patch, I as the client was getting nothing from ammo boxes, all empty and barely anything from the tool boxes…mostly flashlights. It was very frustrating to play when all ammo boxes were empty and this was on the starter island. We did like the additional robots on the starter island with the patch. I don’t know what has changed, but it doesn’t feel like the same game when we first started playing, meaning it’s not as fun. We do love the game, so I hope they will focus on all bug fixes, ammo boxes, tool boxes and missions for all new and existing players, whether playing solo or coop. We’re going to take a break from playing until everything is sorted out.

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This has been reported a bunch of times since launch. The latest patch has made it even worse.

Hopefully we can resolve all this carp.

4 hour loot respawn is the worst thing for this game. You can’t kill 67 or 70 robots in one fight and be able to continue playing without more loot. I’ve done it and proof is on TheeJeffrocco page on youtube. Maybe I can surf the safehouses and get enough ammo around those places. Don’t know yet cuz I’m on PS4 and haven’t been able to play. Let us have fun with your creation. Look how Fallout 4 not only condoned using mods, they added a feature to download mods to our game. They get it. If this were pvp, that would be different, but it’s not pvp.

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