After using photo mode I managed to lose my entire HUD. (Xbox Series X)

After playing around with photo mode and then fast traveling I somehow managed to lock my game into a HUD-less mode for gameplay.

I couldn’t change weapons or emote as the necessary HUD elements wouldn’t appear and using the shortcuts (RB+A/B/X/Y) didn’t work. I could just use Y to toggle.

After killing a tank and looting it the normal HUD was resumed.

Unlike most other bug reports, rather than fixing this bug I’d rather like it implementing as an option please. :wink:

Platform: Xbox Series X

Steps To Reproduce: Not entirely sure. I had been photographing gnomes in Hagaboda (so my game was glitchy) and then immediately fast-travelled to Tornberget. When the game loaded I realised I had no HUD.

Images / Videos:

Players in your game: Only me.


GZ looks so good without the HUD! You should definitely be able to turn it off naturally.


I’m calling this a new feature you have found

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I worked on this and have found a consistent method to recreating it. The way it happened for you was likely random occurrence.

I reproduced it again yesterday after a fast travel. I’m wondering if it’s something the devs sneakily added to help the Neebs Gaming guys for their YouTube videos.

It’s a shame you lose access to all menus while it’s active.

And again this morning when playing on mobile. I also seem to regularly trigger a bug where doors are invisible. Not sure if they’re related.

You can play GZ on mobile? I’m guessing that’s through some Xbox streaming thing?

How well does it play on mobile?

It depends on your internet connection I guess, but sat near a decent router with a 1 gig fibre connection it runs rather well. More input lag than playing natively but it’s perfectly payable, especially when my son is hogging the TV. :wink:

And yes, I’m using the Xbox GamePass app on Android.

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This is happening to me with nearly every fast travel now. I know it needs fixing but can we keep it as an option? Please? PRETTY PLEASE!

With the recent change to controls we can now use the d-pad (left and right) to change weapon without HUD making it far more fun. (HUD still returns when you loot something)

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