Request: Immersive "No HUD" Mode

Proposal: A “No HUD” option for Generation Zero.

This game is beautiful! The constant HUD elements on screen, although helpful in their own right, take away from the atmosphere. Having the option to remove the HUD would tremendously benefit the artistic style and immersion for the player.

To be fair, I am not familiar with game development and all its complexities but I feel this would be a pretty easy option or maybe a list of options to enable/disable which items show up on screen?

You can already turn off POI Icons, Objectives, and the Stealth Indicator. Why not just add the following items as well?

-Ammo Count or Info For Ammo Types
-Health Bar

We still need to keep the interactive icons on for activating items, buttons, or looting. I don’t believe that would take away from the experience as this only pops up when close to a machine corpse or loot item.

I know this has been suggested before in many ways but it seemed to lack a proper recent request.

Here are the forum posts supporting this idea ( for extra motivation :grimacing: )

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  3. This one is from the Dev Team on their live stream 3 years ago? What happened with this? Twitch

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Many in the community would love to see this happen. Please take another look at adding this to the game!

Thanks for your time.


The devs certainly have already made this happen to some extent for some recent YouTube videos, plus they use a no HUD camera for making their own trailers. I’m surprised it’s not an option.

I’ve encountered the HUD disappearing a lot on the current update. Unfortunately when it happens you lose the ability to change weapons (weapon wheel disappears), menus don’t appear but it all returns as soon as you interact / loot anything.


It would be cool to see this implemented. If nothing else, as another option to take cool screenshots on the fly rather than setting up photomode.


Do you have a method to remove the HUD that can be reproduced? I would like to try it, until we get the real thing…

Again, I support this idea.
But along with “no HUD” there have to be some alternatives to get the informations.

For the ammo count there already is a sound. You can hear if your magazine is almost empty.
The ammo type is one thing that could be problematic. But maybe there could be a small text about to which type you switched. That wouldn’t brake the immersion in my eyes.

For stamina, well, the feel/see if you’re out of stamina.

For health there should be a better indicator if you’re low on health. While being shot you can see if you got hit, but a few seconds later everything looks normal. I liked how it looked in the beta of call of duty modern warfare at first. The screen got a touch of black&white the more injured you were.

The compass at the top is one thing we have to think about. Without any icons on it, it would be ok if it stays, because it just helps to locate yourself. On the other hand, a cleaner screen would be better. That’s what we want to reach with “no HUD”.

I don’t know if it’s possible to coordinate just by the sun, moon and the stars. The day-night-change is really realistic. But what about fog, cloudy and rainy weather?

Maybe the binoculars could get an additional feature : a built in compass. That would make it more useful in late game and would improve the immersion.

Others maybe just take a look at the map and know where to go, because of the direction indicator… But maybe this could be changed to a simple dot as well.

Then the map would just help to locate yourself because of your surroundings. (landmarks, structures, roads,…)

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That’s a good idea, to have the compass attached to the binocs in the HUD-less mode. Otherwise I think they should probably just leave the game as is. A totally empty HUD with just your gun visible would be ideal, even if it is a little confusing.

Isn’t this feature already in the game? Whenever I’m low on health the screen starts turning monochrome and red.


The compass attached to the the binocs is an amazing suggestion.

I do love the magazine sound effects as you get close to empty.

Super useful if you don’t have a HUD. :wink:


Mmh maybe I’m just too fast in healing myself? :thinking:

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I find that it happens mostly when fast-travelling to Påskallaholm in the forest region.

Also I have 10 level 3 FNIX bases in the farmlands and 7 in the forest region which may “help”.

Please note: under no circumstances do I recommend you get that many bases. My game is borderline unplayable on Series X as a result, but it definitely increases the amount & variety of glitches.

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Obi, do you have a reason for having 17 Fnix bases all levelled up? Are you rebelling? Is it because you don’t want to do the assaults? :wink:


I really dislike any kind of base building / base defending / base assaults, so I chose not to interact with them beyond the very first one to get enough uranium to get the crafting challenges done.

Personally I thought the base assaults / defense were terrible and I figured (naively) that it was optional content and shouldn’t impact on the game if I chose not to engage with it.

Figured I’d just leave them when they first appeared in the forest region as something to do in co-op if my regular crew ever fancied a change from our usual hunting routes.

But as I got a couple and gnomes became increasingly easy to find I left them as an experiment to see how bad it got and then we had gnomes everywhere.

Then, they added them to the farmlands region, so I figured what the heck, if Avalanche won’t beta test / stress test their software releases then I guess I’ll do it for them and document my findings. Needless to say it’s a dumpster fire.


I get that you don’t like the base-building, but the defending and assaulting is basically the same as fighting the machines in the wild. If you like the big fights, these bases can provide that especially if you defend on hard. I only built three big bases with everything, that I consider the resistance home-bases. The other just serve as extra fast travel points, even though I rarely use those because i’m trying to travel half a million km. :grin:

If you at least claim and build all bases even if it is minimally protected, there will only seven spots left for FNIX to claim. :coffee:


Not sure I could clear the bases now even if I wanted to. It just crashes if I go near them, attacking them from range with the rocket launcher doesn’t help as any Hunter killed will start to spawn infinite ticks, and then crash the game.

So I’m now actively trying to get all but the original base taken over by FNIX and to level 3 just to see how bad it can get! But of course, it’s made tricky by the fact that the game crashes if I get too many machines in an area, and heaven forbid I go to near a FNIX base. :wink:


Hmm, so you are now in a pickle. Only thing I can think of, is if you saved the game with none of the bases claimed yet, and can restore that game save on the system you play on. But with Xbox that was problematic or plain impossible?

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Ten. 4/8 in forest, 6/12 in farmlands.

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Hehe, that’s right, ten. :grinning:

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The Xbox automatically backs up saves, but unfortunately it’s a rolling automatic back up. These no way to manually take a snapshot and restore at a system level.

So I’m stuck with the game in its current state and at the mercy of the devs ability to fix this.

I hope my situation acts as a warning for people to keep their FNIX bases at a minimum, and for the devs to actually test their releases before rolling them out.

Tbh. it’s given me reason to fire up my old XB1X and spend time with the day 1 version of GZ. Something I’d been meaning to do for ages.


And that doesn’t automatically update to later versions?
Let us know how you experience the old version compared with all the change good or bad missing, would be interesting to know.

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I don’t connect my old console to the internet so I play it offline without any kind of updates.

I planned to do like-for-like comparisons between versions as my LG C7 can capture screenshots and video directly on the TV. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find a way to get the captures off the TV! :man_facepalming:t2:

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A friend, who had not played since a session after landfall update, was on sunday not able to start his safegame.

We just played in his game when we played with 3 friends in total… Which just happened 1 day a month. But this time was the second time after landfall and the first time after new dawn. (he doesn’t play GZ solo, just coop and just at these dates)

There was no option to continue, not even after manually loading the backup from the cloud.

What I want to say: There is much you can do wrong and which results in losing all… Even if you don’t know what you did that caused the corruption.

Back to topic…

The current options to reduce hud-elements are ok and give a completly different feeling of the game and even change the way you play. Your ears and eyes are getting better with no stealth indicator, the communication gets improved when deactivating the multiplayer IDs.

But with a clean hud it would even be better.
The coordination skills should get improved, the feeling about how much ammo is left in the magazine… And if you need cover or healing.

You could call it “survival light” :wink: