Option to hide the HUD / certain elements

I have a little suggestion to make;
i always like to disable certain HUD elements on my shooter games, namely the Crosshair, Stamina Bars, Health Bars, Ammo counters and such. For me it makes for a much more immersive feeling when i dont exactly know how much health i have left or how many bullets are left in my mag / i have in total.

I am not saying to remove that infos permanently, just to have the option to enable and disable those elements in the options menu.


the stealth indicator can be turned on and off now in the settings menu , this is a pretty cool feature, give it a go :smiley:


cool i didnt see that option. I deactivated the stealth indicator and i wish i could at least deactivate the crosshair aswell

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I love to play single player but I find the compass and crosshair a little immersion breaking, any change of adding a setting to disable them? What do you guys think?



Yes that’s a great idea

That would be amazing!!!

It has been asked in dev stream for ability to remove crosshair/HUD. Devs response is at 00:46:49,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/523152516?filter=archives&sort=time

Good idea. But why only PS4/XBOX? :wink:

To add to that: I’d personally like to see an option for a “Far Cry 2”-style HUD (which is, imho, one of the best HUD’s ever created).

It simply fades out after a couple of seconds and only re-appears when taking damage or when an inventory related key is pressed (fire/reload/swap weapon/eat medkit, etc) after which it fades out again.

That gives the immersion when just wandering around/observing/planning but also gives the needed information when stuff hits the fan or when you ask for it.

So why not have 3 options for the HUD:

  • On
  • Fading (preferably with a configurable fade out delay and fade out duration)
  • Off

Of course it would be perfect if these three styles could be chosen separately for different elements of the HUD. That way you can completely customise the HUD to your liking.

So for instance:

  • Targeting
    • Crosshair
    • Stealth indicator
  • Player condition
    • Health bar
    • Stamina bar
  • Equipment
    • Equiped weapon
    • Ammo type
    • Ammo count
  • Compass
    • Compass bar
    • Cardinal points
      • Cardinal points
      • Intercardinal points
    • POI’s
      • Current objective
      • Current tracking
      • Waypoints
      • Safe houses/Plundra
      • Villages
      • Recycle stations
  • POI’s (in world)
    • Current objective
    • Current tracking
    • Waypoints

Something like that. :smile:

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I would like to produce some videos for my friends and maybe a little machinima but the issue is the HUD in the way and camera mode being static.

Would it be possible for the Devs to add a spectator mode?

A really basic flight mechanic that goes from ground level to about the height of a church bell, invisible to other players unless gamertag is turned on. Cannot pass through terrain or objects but can open unlocked doors (to sort of prevent abuse).
It could take a player slot (so only 3 active players and 1 spectator)

Alternatively a no-Hud mode. so there can be a cameraman following a player.


Ability to remove crosshair and/or HUD has been asked in the dev streams. Devs response is at 00:46:49,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/523152516?filter=archives&sort=time

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Spectator mode would be great for creating cinematic videos .

Awesome, thanks. Absolutely the best I could expect to hear from a dev.

One of my favourite youtube channels is Neebs Gaming and I would love to do something like their Ark series but with GZ. I think there is alot of potential to create some great content with the game.

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Merged topics where players have asked for HUD removal/hide option.


for hard gamers, no hud still has my approval