FOR DEVS - Realistic mode

Please DEVs, please.
Add a NO HUD option.
I thought it is obvious. No (unnecessary) indicators, no crosshair etc.
-Only me and my gun and the sounds and atmosphere…

Thank You!


welcome to the community first of all. i would like that too to be honest as the current system of getting told there’s robots near you with the arrow is not the best so having a robot jump out because of no hud would be pretty cool

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At the bare minimum maybe a difficulty option. Maybe your realistic idea being the most difficult.

I totally agree and I found this mod which lets you toggle the HUD on/off with capslock. It’s amazing how immersive the game becomes. I’d prefer if this was available without mods though :slight_smile:

I made a mod for this, try it out and if you have any feedback on how to improve it feel free to tell me.

It removes indicators and such but will keep ammo, health, compass on the screen.

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nice work !
what about a mod that removes all hud , and there is hail all the time and its always night too

Do you want to get rid of anything particular in or absolutely everything? If the latter maybe the mod linked above would work better? Though I have not tried it personally.

all , hardcore mode like it was real life

a lot of games have this feature simply as a hotkey (alt+z for example)
in addition to this, i also suggest that when you press another button, you can deselect all items, so you have nothing to obstruct a beautiful screenshot :slight_smile: