AI Improvements


After playing for quite a while, both during beta and now, I noticed that a lot of enemies do not make use of their firepower properly

Runners run around without using their guns. While that is fine with prototypes, military and especially FNIX-class runners should shoot at any moment, with the exception of rocket dogs perhaps.

Hunters have the same issue. Military hunters are often found with shoulder mounted gas grenade launchers. I think they should use this weapon at all times and independently from other anarments they have. Same thing goes for their MG. If all hunters ran at you while spraying their MG and also shelling you with gas, they would become a whole lot more scary.

FNIX Hunters have another issue: Their explosive flechette shotgun is very inaccurate. With a direct hit, they do create a lot of pain in the receiving end, but most shots don’t hit even close to the player. An accuracy increase here should help.

Harvesters are similar in that way. Yes, they got rockets, but hardly ever use them. They also should use their gas more often, currently they seem to be bugged to the point where no gas is released like ever, not even on death.

Lastly, tanks. Supposedly the strongest enemy in the game, but the only thing that they have going for them is their health. They rarely kill a player, simply because they don’t use all their weapons. Since the last patch they seem to only really use the MG and sometimes the mortar, but I think they should continuously use both undermounted weapons at the same time. I also think that military tanks should carry 3 guns (1 on each side of the body and 1 underneath) and FNIX 4, with the main focus on the rocket pods, that should rain hellfire on anyone that dares to get close.

Just my 2 cents, would love to hear opinions on these :slight_smile:

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Hear hear!
Splendid post, well put, well explained.

I am all for this.

Bloody good post!


I agree about tanks and runners. But man, not sure what you play on or if it’s a coop or single player difference but the hunters with flechette weapons are basically rail guns. Oh sure they miss, but it’s only because I’m wind sprinting around corners and ducking behind cover when they look at me. Even then, they are deadly accurate. The only time I’ve had them miss often is when trying to engage them at long range which, oddly enough, every robot seems to suck at except for tanks and those damned .50’s of theirs. But ya the dart shooting hunters are putting them between my eyes most times at anything medium or short range.


yeah Hunters are just fine where they are in terms of difficulty lol, plus with the clipping/walking through walls and doorways too small for them to fit through i don’t need them being any more of a pain than they already are lol but as for the rest yeah i do agree.


Hunters could use some improvements, as times they just stand and do nothing after running towards you. but I really do like the run and gun idea, hell the characters do it I cant see why machines with gyros and stabs cant

Tanks really need an accuracy increased to the .50 just straffing sideways while crouched is usually enough to ensure you don’t get hit


@streaks if they properly hit you, then it is as it is supposed to be for you. I can stand still and they will can land 10m+ away from me.


@Trigger82 the .50 is accurate, it simply doesn’t have an amazing velocity and it doesn’t lead the shots, meaning that if you move, the shots will land where you were standing a moment ago.


Man, I wish…just fought some last night again and if we stand still they land them right on our noses. Only way to avoid it is to keep them at medium to long range because none of the AI adjust for drop and they land short. Moving helps too but if they close to short range then you have to sprint around to beat the timer on the rounds. They’ll miss, but the round is close enough that when it goes it still hits.

The .50 on the tanks seems about spot on IMO. It’s very accurate and strafing isn’t dodging the gun, it’s dodging the AI’s aim. What it should do is blow mellon sized holes in anything fleshy :wink:


I wrote that in another thread: