Älgstudsare Experimental grenade launcher

Hello everyone,

the visor of the Älgstudsare Experimental grenade launcher is not that great, because the further away you want to shoot / do, the higher you have to hold it, why is this visor not made independently, e.g. with a red line that shows the height of the display the weapon without having to look up yourself.
Or a circle on the ground that gets smaller or bigger depending on the distance (scatter). Indicating roughly where the bullet will hit.
If this is feasible, I hope it would make shooting with this gun easier because then it is no longer such a big gamble to fire without knowing whether you are shooting too far or too short.

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I believe, Carni once said, that the devs already look at it because of similar reports/complaints since the release of this gun.

In this topic we discussed it already:


Okay, I guess I missed the topic, I was just looking for the Älgstudsare Experimental

Never mind.
I think, it’s good to have this one as primary topic for the issues with this gun.
Hidden in a topic about the update in general could cause losing it.