All those flashlights

Does anybody know why there are flashlights all over the map? It’s not annoying in any way, but is there a reason to pick up more than the first you find? Since they’re not inventory you couldn’t even recycle them…

Or are the for new co op players dropping in? Just curious…

Probably because it’s better to have to much than not at all:

Besides, flashlights often lit up places of interest (loot/collectibles mostly).

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I think they need to add battery life on flashlights so picking up more would actually be helpful and so you can’t just have it on constantly.

I kind of like it that we do not also need to find batteries all the time. There are mechanically powered flashlights that you need to turn, or pump up ( not sure how this is called in English).

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Wind them up? :grin: Yeah i get that it would be annoying but it would be scary in a bunker when suddenly your flashlight gives way.

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Well when the kind of wind up flashlights are used they usually make a loud sound so to my prediction if they did indeed add the crank or wind or whatever kind of flashlight it could alert robots when close enough. Just look up a video and you’ll get what I mean.