No Flashlight? Hasn't spawned and I'm lost without it


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Idk if it didn't spawn, or I'm an idiot. I have scoured the house and it's nowhere in sight. 
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Did you look on the shelf under the stairs

Yep, scoured every shelf and every counter on the first and second floor. Will upload a screenshot of the empty room tomorrow when I get on

Sounds weird, I recently made a new save with the new patch and I found a flashlight.

I don’t know if this would work but you can pick up flashlights in the world as well. I seem to recall there being another one a bit north from the house, near a dirt road where a police car is parked. Not the police car with the dead guy, but into the forest a bit. I saw a backpack there a bit off the road with a flashlight that could be picked up. Best seen during nighttime.

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You can find a flashlight in a tent, close to the first church:

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Thank you so much, that one ended up being there. How weird a glitch? I can only assume a friend must’ve grabbed the flashlight and it despawned or something like that. You’re a life saver, my friend.

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