Alpest Unrest DLC: Specks of Happiness (An Alpine Unrest Appreciation Thread)

A thread for small environmental specks of happiness (rather than big spoilers).

For example (picking one that was obvious from the trailer, so not to spoil anyone in the example):

“OMG, shops that can be entered!”

(Yes, it’s silly, but I didn’t gush with excitement between announcement and release, I’m doing it now. Please let me have this! :smile:)

  • Apartment blocks with destructable windows!!

  • Going over in the boat! (I was hoping they wouldn’t just settle for a teleport)

  • lol flower shop

  • “fireflies” inside the church!

  • entirely new cookie cutter buildings! :smile:

Sometimes I feel like the only one not phased by the buildings. The cities I’ve lived in have had real “cookie cutter” buildings and it’s just normal to me to go to a house I’ve never been to before and already be familiar with the layout and floorplan. Is this really a rare thing?

I’ve lived in probably a dozen cities (what can I say, I get around), and I can’t say I’ve observed that, but then perhaps that’s likely if you tend to make friends all over town rather than in your building or your neighborhood (where buildings might be more likely to be samey).

I think there’s a larger point at play here though. Even if you compare upstairs/downstairs neighbors, their layout may be mostly the same (mostly – is this room a living room, or the library? Is that one a children’s room, or an office? Are kitchen and living room separate, or has the wall been removed to merge them?), but their flats will likely be vastly different due to different style, color schemes, bric-a-brac, in a way that’s (understandably) just not the case in GZ.

tl;dr I think I could bear floor plans being samey with great fortitude if it didn’t look like the same person lived in all those houses. :smile:

I haven’t been to the island yet, but I’m finally working out a stable game by starting from the beginning. The fact that you can encounter the new Apocalypse machines on the main island is great, the new Hunters are creepy as hell :scream:

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I understand. I’m hiding out in an apartment building (which suddenly feels much less safe than it used to), hearing stomping outside, and feel in no particular hurry to go and investigate. In no particular hurry at all. :wink:

… aaaaaaand I just accidentally created an apocalypse tank rival. :scream_cat:
I didn’t even die or anything, I just stood well protected, and it seems that pissed him off sufficiently. :confused:

“We need bigger guns! We need some big, big fscking guns!!”


Orange soda as well. I wonder why that was a priority. :slight_smile:


I love the sound of the apocalypse mechs, the hunters are even more fear inducing! Yes hunters still make me run for cover :joy:


I really like the effort made to create a rich and detailed new island. A lot of small things add to the immersion. The now open building adds another dimension. The closed of church towers changes the play style a bit.

The new ticks (or shouldn’t it be ants based on name written on them?) are really annoying. With the additional spread of borrelia from them makes life much harder but also more challenging in a good way.

Haven’t ran into any new issues so far, a random MP crash but no regressions.


I was very lucky in that my first contact with the new hunters was while I was in the soda shop. Dem’s easy targets from in there! :smile:


Stop this Ennui, excitement doesn’t go with your name or nature and it’s making me nervous… :crazy_face:

Ooooh, I didn’t notice that, it says “ant” then, presumably in Swedish?
That’s kinda weird, I thought the new ones are basically scorpions! :smiley:

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Damn, you’re absolutely right!
I shall go sit in the corner and hum my theme song! That’ll learn me!


myran / ant / tick
järven / wolverine / runner
korpen / raven / seeker
ulven / wolf / hunter
oxen / ox / harvester
resen / giant / tank

edit: yes, it’s Swedish.


For gods sake

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I’d be quicker to tie a pair of DVD’s to a carrier pigeon…



Damn, did the game get more stable?
Played nothing but new content tonight, zero crashes (knock on wood).

(Just solo though, so there’s that.)


Good luck, SP! :slight_smile:

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I think Alpine Unrest is the best DLC I’ve downloaded in a very long time. Not only does it add more stuff to do, it makes the game much better than before, making the world feel more fluent and alive. The visual storytelling has also been a major upside to it, as it feels much more like an invasion has happened and there has been some resistance. The new class of machines now is genuinely frightening, making you panic when under attack by them. I have to say, awesome job Avalanche! You lads deserve a beer! :slight_smile: :beer: