Alpine Unrest - Coming Soon

Hello Survivors!

We are very pleased to announce the very first expansion to Generation Zero, Alpine Unrest.

Alpine Unrest ($7.99/€7.99) picks up the story one month after you first landed on the beaches of Östertörn, and takes you to a new as-yet unexplored island, Himfjäll.

Himfjäll offers new areas and locations to explore in this formerly popular ski resort. You can scout for machine activity from atop snow-covered ski-slopes, or scavenge the derelict cafes and shops for supplies.

The centerpiece of the island is the hotel, Björntunet. Having previously been abandoned during the machine invasion, it’s recently been reinhabited by new “guests”; although these visitors look to want to stay for more than just a weekend trip.

Key Features of Alpine Unrest

  • Explore the beautiful, yet treacherous, snow-covered island of Himfjäll
  • Expand on the story of Generation Zero with new missions
  • For the first time meet with survivors, other than those in your group.
  • New achievements and collectables for those that like to explore.
  • Do battle with the fearsome new “Apocalypse” class machines.
  • Expand your arsenal with the new KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon and KVM 59 Machine Gun.

NOTE: Some features (Apocalypse Class Machines and New Weaponry) releasing with Alpine Unrest will be available to everybody, regardless of expansion ownership. These additions will be available, along with all of our typical bug-fixes and improvements, when Alpine Unrest is live


Just seen the trailer… i screamed like a girl in the 50s seeing Elvis !!!


Really looking forward to this, especially at that reasonable price :+1:


The only thing I want now is to see these paid DLC’s to be released on a infrequent basis, keep them special, do not mass produce them, I will say tho, the price is impressively fair for what it is and the fact that you guys aren’t locking new weapons and enemy types behind a paywall is something I greatly appreciate, but if I was to be 100% honest with you guys, while I’m happy that the game is getting new content, I still feels that charging for new content is a bit too early, the core game, while fun, is not really all that fleshed out, it still feels more like a proof of concept rather than a full blown game with depth and fleshed out mechanics, and that paid DLC, while it made me happy, kind of rubbed me the wrong way, it feels kinda cheap of you to start charging for new content when the current core game clearly lacks content and depth to begin with.

But overall, I know you guys need to make money somehow, and since you don’t have MTX in the game I can understand why you had to release a paid expansion at some point


Can i we have this alpine right Now aye thats like yesterday :+1: , i will share my cookies :grinning:


Oh and I chuckled at this thought: hopeful America is doing ok at this point in December 1989, my truck is being manufactured right at this point and I’ll need it to survive against the coming wave. Lol

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@Avalanche_Graham you guys have turned me into a Fan Boy like none other…WoTConsole & Fable II are the only games I have ever thought this strongly about. You teased this update well & with the announced info in the stream & here I am even more excited…


this is great news=) any hints towards wen it will be released? coming from battlefield v’s- “soon™” is starting to get annoying:D and will there be a fix for the missing main missions? still haven’t seen the inside of redovisningskansli öst…

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So will this be the last DLC then?
Seeing as it’s set in December '89, I guess there won’t be much time to set anything in afterwards and still be in the '80s? :wink:


After the amount of hours I’ve got out of the base game, I don’t mind dropping for this. Good job guys, looks interesting!

Bonus points for not gating the weapons and enemies behind a paywall for people without the DLC.


I have my 5.99 uk billy squids ready lets go , please :rofl::+1:


The price is half of the base game in the steam sale. I’m guessing the free weekend didn’t bring in as many new players as hoped what with the crashing and jacket bug.

And the guy in the chair… is that Von Ulmer?

Good price! I can actually buy it! :slight_smile:

Compared to other games, holy shit it’s a good deal. Cities Skylines charges you 6 bucks for new looks for houses, so having another probably 50 hours of gameplay to this game for that price is bonk. :slight_smile:


Oohhh, and that Honkin big Machine Gun is like a wet dream to my fluffy cyborg self. :wink:

@Avalanche_Graham Well done, guys. Well done indeed. You’re pretty much nailing all the most wanted features for this DLC. Machineguns, NPC’s, enterable stores, more buildings, new machines…

And I suspect you’re bringing in an assload of bug fixes as well. Can’t wait to look through them. Here’s hoping for a stable release and a really exciting winter.


Serious question: what do you mean by ‘bonk’? I only know it as (army?) slang for total rubbish, and I’m not sure of your meaning here.

Nah, to me it means Epic/good. :slight_smile:

And I’ll probably never be in the Canadian Military in my life because my knees aren’t great and I have more than a dozen medical conditions I inherited from my parents.


… at the price of a double whopper meal. That is more than fair! It usually took me less than 12 minutes to consume a whopper (American Standard estimates 7 minutes, if I recall correctly), but I’m sure this update will entertain me for weeks and weeks and weeks. And we won’t feel greased all over afterwards :wink:

We are very excited, Avalanche! Unfortunately I can’t play my Xbox for the next few weeks, so feel free to hold back the release a little while :yum:


I don’t know about you guys but I’m just way to excited for this being a 40 year old man. My heads playing the song by, Queen: I want it all.

Cause I want it now


Whom the bell tolls’ will be playing in the back ground in my mancave , while rowing me boat . It’s like Santa’s real again at 43 yrs :rofl:

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