Alpine Unrest - Coming Soon


I can still see more inaccessible island, so … I guess no.

And what do you think the Volvo DeLorean is there for? :wink:


Technically the ingame world will always be set in the 80’s, because if Generation Zero continues to follow the apocalypse model, society as we know it ceases to advance. We’ll never see DVD’s, flat screens or smartphones. The 1980’s will continue to influence Sweden (and perhaps the rest of the world) for a long time.


I’m kinda hoping the NPCs won’t look like characters from Oblivion. :slight_smile:

Especially not like this little annoyance. Oh I hate him.


sitting on the new island now, waiting for the fun…


There’s a good chance you’ll be whisked away once the DLC hits, probably to a safehouse on the main island. I mean, wouldn’t want you to spawn inside a car or something by mistake :smile:


Looks like those new class machines will be nuclear powered, thus shooting the fuel cell on the back is probably not a good idea anymore :smiley:


I guess that’s what the experimental weapons are for then. :slight_smile:


Looks friggin’ awesome !! :grin::grin:


And finally we can enter those store/bistro buildings :+1:


Looks really promising :+1:
Went to Skåleberget for a view and found to slopes and a lot of lights on top of the hill, can hear mechs going by but my eyes are fixed on this island…


The quest for cheese has begun.



And I will be waiting for the other 3 islands!


@tene has made a great short youtube video round up of todays exciting events for the New DLC , link here > Thankyou forum :+1:


A double whopper meal? £5.99? Oh dear, oh dear. The same thing here in France is €12.99! I despair. But not about this! Happy about this - it’s a Happy Meal sort of feeling. Not that I was ever made happy by a McDo. I feel like I shoud do after a Happy Meal. No screw that - I want a Whopper! Is this a whopper? I may be wandering… Give me a Whopper - double Whopper Cheese. And this. I want this as well.


Where I live in the US it is $10.99


Well … erhhh … I ment the price for a double whopper meal in 1989 … :hamburger::fries::milk_glass:


I should think you did! I have to save up…


Do you think we can still go back to Normyra to load up? They’re going to be everywhere, aren’t they? Well, I call it escalation. If they keep it up, I’m going to start getting cross.


Yes, I think this is a good moment to consider to team up. Before too long I’ll probably be looking for co-ops in a not too high latency distance from where I’m situated. If not I sure that I’ll feel like landfall day again back then when I got killed every third minute :astonished:

Any threads in here on co-op latency?


Which of the islands is it that some people are already able to get there?