Alpine Unrest DLC achievement is not unlocking

I played first mission, Not Alone to complete it. It was supposed to unlock the achievement, Other Survivors. Now, I’m at For the Sick and the Injured mission. I tried to uninstall and reinstalled the game again to see if the achievement will popped up. Unfortunately, it did not. So I decided to stopped playing it until there’s a workaround to it or wait for the patch.

This is for Xbox One version.

I am very frustrating. I have another issue for Unorthodox Skiing. I was riding a bike down in the slope and across the finish line. It didn’t trigger anything to finish or failed mission.

So I decided to quit the game and try it again. The mess up part is the timer ticking down from 40 seconds even though I’m in the safehouse. There’s no way I can finish the race or try to cancel it or try to put a bike in a small shed with a stick thing where you start the race to try again with a count down.