Alvaret plains/ windmills empty

The last 4 times I visited the windmills there was no tanks at all. Today I roamed every cm of Alvaret plains and I only encountered 4 hunters, 3 runners, 1 harvester and 1 seeker…what…never seen this area as emty as lately.
On the most I have had 7 tanks within the triangle of Littorp, Villa Skogsberget and the windmills…nowadays the plain are pretty empty :confused:
Anyone else that have experienced this emptiness of tanks and mechs generally in this area?

Nope, five tanks and a harvester today. Not quiet at all. A lot of mayhem.

I have that as well: hardly any machine for me, where others CLAIM to have hundreds…


That’s weird… I can’t walk quietly for more than a few minutes in that area without running into a whole heap of trouble. As far as I know at least two Tanks have a fixed spawn at the windmills. Try to move to another area for a while, then come back? Like the airbase, lots of enemies there.

Yes, I always thought that there was two fixed tank spawns at the windmills, but now I wonder.
Been all around the map and returned, still no mechs at the windmills, Viskandets borg, church ruin and the rest of the plain. The few mechs was found near Jervhålan and radiomast.

I think you and I just have the worst luck for spawns…
OR, they know we’re coming and run away, scared as hell?


Hehe…that actually crossed my mind @Xogroroth :facepunch:

I simply fail to find any other excuse for them…

Wandering around, 20 minutes…


Yup, this is weird…I miss those epic battles on these earlier mech infested plains…now a walk in the park :confused:

i’ve always had this issue, even on MP sessions.
I fail to get it…
“Too damn hard”, “too many machines”…

So where the HELL are they? O_O

CERTAINLY not where I am…???

Hence my posts.

Too bad…then I certainly understand your frustration.
I have noticed a decline in mechs in Øverby airport too, and even around Garphammar/Damfallet where it normally should be a challenge to roam, taking fights in the open.

Oh, not frustration, but dissapointment…

There I was, seeing a film on youtube, oh a fella been mauled by that dog machine, and I was like: “… DAMN…”
Didn’t even watch on, went straight to get this game… went in… and owned it… :frowning:
And I was like: wait, aren’t we supposed to be the ducks?
Aren’t we supposed to die a trillion times, be in utter despair, lost, DEAD…?
Is this even the same game???

Ah well… sad…
So… sad…

I had such hopes, because, as far as I know, there ain’t a game like this out there.
Were the world just eats you at every sodding step…

Call of Cthulhu, anyone? (a dices, pen and paper role play, where getting of a horse can be deadly, and grass will suck the flesh of your bones, at every sodding turn…)

I went over to Torsberga to kill that tank again and the whole place was empty. Spooky! Normally there is a runner, a tank and five or six Hunters on partrol around the area - never saw a…, well, not soul, obviously, since I’m certain they don’t have souls - but so much as a clank…

Take the opportunity to loot the cache under one of the windmills while the place is free of Tanks! :wink:

That can be done with the two tanks patrolling also. You can hide under that windmill if you can get there unseen :blush:
Normally I like to demolish them first of course…

Yup, spookie when totally empty. That area around Torsberga Fort and the nearby farm normally provide a lot of tough enemies.
You mentioned Øverby airbase earlier, on my main user that area also seem to be less patrolled by mechs, have’nt seen a tank there for a good while. Last time I wandered alone across the whole airstrip, no mechs seen.

Its a feature of the Havok engine. The AI smells your fear. If you’re scared it spawns more enemies. Be bold gentlemen!

BTW, some :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: with this post.

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My world is fairly quiet too, actually. I did the mills a few times and now I only find a solitary harvester out for a stroll. I remember Muskudden Port Complex just outside the safe house to be a tough fight, and after I completed all missions I came across Anl 118 Farela south of Norrmyra artillery base and got a decent beating. I also cleaned up F23 Øverby air base twice. But now I roam the land fairly undisturbed with an occational solitary tank or harvester minding its own business, or a pack of hunters looking for a fight. Either it is calmness before the storm, or they’ve picked up that I know about the sticky flare trick :wink:

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This happens to me alot. I can explore areas, loot it all, completely empty of any kind of robots only to go back there later and find robots there again. But can run into harvesters in the middle of the woods. Maybe they’re just bored with the city and moved out to the countryside for a calmer life. :wink:

I sometimes find a good viewpoint, cook a pizza and sit down to watch Harvesters trying to negotiate the scenery. They don’t like stepping on cars or sheds but they have no trouble kicking their escort doggies out of the way.

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