Ammo crafting schematic at Beredskapsförråd 109 - Collectables 0/1

I picked up the schematic at Beredskapsförråd 109 ( -2472.753, 934.731) and the icon on the map still displays 0/1 Collectables at the location.

The schematic is in my list of schematics so I guess this is just a map (text) glitch?

Game version: 1.21
Both DLCs installed

Proto harv blueprint is at that loc as well and that should count towards loc collection counter.

It’s the only one there.

Yes, but it was already reported before that those counters are sometimes buggy and show incorrect numbers.

As said by 0L0 above, that kind of bug is reported before. 1st (oldest) report about it is in here: Map issues can go here