Ammo Weapons ect stash

What I think would be a good idea would be a stash of ammo medic kits, weapons, you could leave at locations and only retrieve them at those location, and the ability to right click and leave a marker set the limit to say 3 stash at each region and if you play with a team or second character they could all have access to them.

You can sort of do this already in team play (co-op). There are 2 ways to do this.

1: Set a way point and go to the way point and drop the stuff you want to have access to. Let others know about. This is one way to limit everyone sharing the stash. Not everyone will run to a WP .

2: Drop your stash and then deploy a field radio to mark where the stash is.

I like #2 method because you can drop extra stuff after looting and such, let the squad know to do the same and the purpose of the FR. Very easy to fast travel to it also. Just have to keep deploying radios. But you could do this at a safe house and just drop supplies near the locker to give everyone access.

There is a third method that is useful in solo or co-op and that is to use the bike to take a lot of extra supplies, where you can not sprint extra, and drop the supplies near the bike. The HUD will guide you to the bike and easy to find the stash.

All these methods will disappear when the hosts exits the map.

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I was thinking that cash drop would then carry over next time you load the game, if the game crashes again you loose the cash drop and the radios, this has happen quite a lot.
again thankyou for the reply. I play solo as my friend stopped playing they did not like the game.
Like the bike one, never thought of using the bike when you overloaded.