Ammunition Disappearing

Platform: PS4

Description: Ammunition dissappering, very frustrating for a survival game with limited resources

Steps To Reproduce: Fit a mod to a weapon so far it’s happened on both 1 guage and Automatevar 4. Only had it happen with the scope.

after a while the weapon shows 2 scopes and no ammo, removing scopes only toggles between 2 scopes. The only way I’ve found to fix this is to remove scope, then drop it. then drop weapon and pick it up again, remove and refit scope, then assign ammo. This is a temporary fix though as I’ve had it reoccur

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Host or Client: host

Players in your game: just me

Specifications: PS4 Pro

unfortunately this is a widely known and reported problem
Ammunition Goes From "XXX" to "0" instantly ,Ammo disappears from gun , Disappearing ammo in game

hopefully a fix is in the works

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Yeah I saw a few others, but thought an extra report couldn’t hurt