Disappearing ammo in game




ammo disappears from weapon randomly. Has happened to the rifle and klauck with different sizes of stacks of ammo. In game I’m left with only the rounds in the magazine / chamber.

Steps To Reproduce:

seems to happen randomly.

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I have had this happen as well, and reported it in the “all problems” thread which I can’t find right now, but I have video of it:

If that doesn’t take you to the right time, skip to 8:51 timestamp.

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Yeah thats the exact same thing with myself.

I started a new run as it was happening constantly with the rifle.

I managed to get through to the 2nd ‘island’ without any issues of ammo disappearance.

Anyway first big fight with a harvester and tank and all my assault rifle disappears mid combat! The rifle duplicated a scope onto the same weapon and also had a medkit attached to it as well. So infuriating!!

I got it to, combined with ammo turned into a silencer on my AK5. :frowning:

Same exact problem here, in a multiplayer firefight and suddenly my >200 ammo is 0 what the hell?

Unfortunatelly i cannot make any screenshot.

Some of us experiencce occasional bug when you loose all your ammo from equiped weapon.
At my AutomatGevar 4 i have installed a 2x ACOG Sight, when i was doing some testing in safehouse all my ammo (rip) get lost, when i clicked a weapon to unequip acog i saw i got 2x acogs installed, i can remove both so it is a practically a duping method which should be addressed. as im not a developer or so, i bet it is something connected with memory leak or item indexing.

Steps to reproduce: install an additional equipment on you weapon and wait for ammo disaperance.

Platform: PC

Solo play

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Have you managed to repro it with the ‘new’ scope, or is one of the scopes acting as a huge mag containing all ammo?

When I (pre-patch) fell through the ground in co-op, and had to rejoin, I suddenly had 2 1-4X scopes attached to my AG4, and the ammo weren’t visible outside of the inventory, and removing one at a time only made a single one show in the inventory, but it jumped around in the inventory, and the extended mag and silencer weren’t visible in the list of attachements.

I had to drop it all and borrow a co-op mates spare 4-8X scope to get it back into it’s separate pieces again. I think it were a blue AG4.

Only happened once

I did some more testing:

  1. only one scope is removable, trying to remove a bugged one leads to some inventory bugs like silencer from my Moller appeared in inventory but it was already installed.

  2. i have dropped the weapon with both acogs, when picked up weapon is no longer bugged but ammo is still lost


It’s kind of the same loop I got stuck in, I didn’t manage to repro it then, as when falling through the ground seems to be impossible to find the same spot :wink:
And it took so much time to get everything back into it’s original pieces.

The non-removable scope might be your mag+silencer in an odd mix.

Did the ammo disappear from inventory, or do the weapon just say 0 and mag also 0 on the HUD? if so try a few other scopes addons, vision mods (that you don’t value to high if it would disappear)

lost ammo too - reloaded ag4 ammo gone from invent and gun empty…

Platform: Xbox One X

Steps To Reproduce: Seems randomly

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: Ammo disapears randomly when you reload, happend with 7.62 Ammo with AG4 and 9mm Sub with the HP5. Found the 9mm Ammo attached to the rocket launcher.


I experience the same issue since the patch 1.03.

Platform: PS4
Appearance: randomly (verified in battles)
Played solo

This is a repeating issue for me too (PC)
Found this example on YouTube (not mine) https://youtu.be/d1_b5ZoHfnE
Today it happened while looting an ammobox as well. Clicked take all, gun flickered and I was down to 6/0000 from 400-ish for the kpist. Only experienced during firefight before, PP (had about 200?) and ak4.

Also on PS4 as well.

Short update:
I played some sessions with a friend meanwhile and the problem did not occur anymore.

So the “setup” changed to following way:
Role: Host
Players in game: 2

Happened to me too just nu after the last update 2019-04-26.

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: NIL

Images / Videos: NIL

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Ammo disapears randomly when you reload, happend with 5.56 ammo with AG5 and High Explosive for GRG(rocket launcher).

I have the same bug.

Platform: PC

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Ammo disappears randomly when you reload or switch weapons, happend with high explosive for rocket launcher and 12 gauge shotgun.

I’m playing on an Xbox one and every time I quit out and then jump back in to continue, I lose all my ammo in my equipped gun. It has happened with my submachine gun and assault rifle. Both of which I was holding when I quit out of the game. I will test it more tomorrow but it seems to only happen to the gun I am currently holding when I quit the game. This is definitely a huge disappointment especially when you have gathered a plethora of ammo for your favorite gun and then all of it is gone when you come back in.

I suggest until a patch is out to fix something like that you upload a save to the cloud. I have had an issue where I found 2 guns. A pistol and a shotgun, green rarity. I picked them up at the same time out of a chest. My game freezes and when I load the game again it tells me my save was corrupt but it could try and restore it. LUCKY for me that saved my file but I plan on uploading a save copy in case of anything happening.

Oh this sounds a little strange. Let’s see if we can get this fixed. Please follow this format READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report and then post here https://forum.generationzero.com/c/bug-reports . Sorry to hear that you’re having such an unpleasant experience, let’s get this fixed ASAP for you!