Angeras Church and Icon not lined up

I am playing on the PC. If you have discovered the locations, look at your map. At -4086,1766 is a safehous labeled Angeras Church Safehouse with no church icon. At -3315, 3395 is the Angeras Church Icon but it is next to the Sillavik safehouse. I noticed this since I just discovered the Sillavik safehouse inside of a church, but the message upon approaching said 1/1 weapons found 100% complete. I think this is from the other safehouse to the NW. Both of these locations are in the South Coast region.
AngerasChurch|690x388 AngerasChurch2|690x388

I am on a single player game with no one else. Specs of PC are not related to this problem. As a side note, the columns in the churches with the apses in them can be walked into from the side away from the center of the church. This is a clipping problem I have seen on many churches with the side apses.

These two churches in South Coast have their names mixed up for at least a year now. Perhaps since the game’s launch even.

A year ago, i also pointed out this issue:

*In the South Coast, there is naming error between two churches. On the map, Sävered church doesn’t have it’s map icon and the safehouse there is named Angeras church. At another church, map icon says Angeras church while the safehouse in it is named Sillavik.

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