Ängsnäs Manor floating trees



In Ängsnäs Manor there are a whole bunch of trees (and some bushes) floating a good way up in the air. I mean, has this game not been tested by someone at all? Things like this should not have survived the Beta, imo. Ok, it’s hard to catch all graphical glitches, but this one is really hard to miss.

I’m on a PS4 if that makes a difference.


Oh my,

I’ve a list of 44 things that shouldn’t have made it past Beta, I’d recommend a screenshot if you can


That’s because the floating trees appeared after the August update. Please don’t assume what you don’t know, it’s a bad habit. Floating stuff can be reported here.

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Thank you for reporting. We are aware that some trees and bushes suddenly lost gravity after the last patch. Even though floating assets aren’t severe game breaking issues, we (as gamers ourselves) understand that it is immersion breaking. We are looking into the cause and will fix it ASAP.