Any Generation Zero-like locations in real life? (GenZ or 80s vibes)

Hey everyone, since Generation zero has always been my favourite game and I love the whole Swedish and 80s setting, I am considering to travel to Sweden this summer. Now I wanted to know, if any of you guys know special Generation Zero-like looking regions, places or trails you could recommend to me.
Well, I know that the GenZ map would probably be located in South Sweden, beneath Stockholm. But if there are any other places with the same vibes, I would be happy to know more about them. When talking about vibes I also include places that still have 80s vibes or are still stuck in the 80s.
So to conclude, if anyone knows of special Generation Zero-like and/or 80s vibe locations in Sweden, I would love to hear about them.

I’m thankful for every answer!

Since I dont know where in Sweden you are going my list will be a little all over the place.
If you want to see houses and nature like the one in the game you can go to any smaller town in sweden.

Military museums worth a visit:

Costal artillery (East coast)
Femörefortet - Startsida

Air force underground hangar, very much like the Överby air base in the Farmlands in Gen Z. (Gothenburg)

Tank museum, not really so much Gen Z vibe but they have S-tanks (Outside Stockholm)


I would have been guessed that it looks almost everywhere (except in the great cities) like Generation Zero :sweat_smile:

Here are some photos. Maybe you want to post some there, too, if you’re back… Or while you’re there.

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Yeah, that’s a nice Hangar from Aeromuseum:

Gothenburg is a great city - I’ve been there a couple of times. Great theme park (Liseberg), and you should also be able to catch a concert with a great Swedish medodic death metal band. :sweat_smile::metal::sunglasses:


Hell Yeah dude! thanks for the tip :grin:

Thanks dude! I will definetly take pictures of every GenZ vibe location :wink:

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll definetly consider visiting them :mechanical_arm:

My toilet is rather similar to what I see in the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you would go to the island Öland you would see familiar windmills


This seems like a good reason to visit Gothenburg, nice Draken :v::sweden:


I think your going to see things all over your travels that remind you, I hope you enjoy your visit :v:

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Check this out on my last visit ! :v:

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From the NL program ‘Gort over de Grens’

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Real life Swedish Bunker