Anyone want to trade golden weapons?

I still didnt find the golden kvm89 weapon yet, maybe someone has it twice or wants to stop playing the game and doesnt need it anymore.

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Those 5* weapons sure are tough to find. I found the 5* KVM89 yesterday, after taking down probably 20-30 Apocalypse Tanks. I guess that’s on the lucky end of the scale, cause I think I saw someone say they’ve killed 200 tanks, and still nothing… This makes the KVM89 and the .243 Meusser the only 5* weapons I have in addition to the fixed drops, after 80 hours of playtime. Guess you need at least 2-500 hours to collect everything.
Anyway, good luck on your search. :slight_smile:

Hey there, I’ve got a golden KVM 89, if you would still like it just reply back, what do you play on also?

You do realize that you replied to a 10 month old topic?

Relevant trading topic is here: Trading Community?

That being said:

Topic closed. :lock: