Anyone willing to help out?

I lost my save due to corrupted save file. I had played the game for 240+hours and I’d really love to get back at it, but starting over from the beginning doesn’t really feel so appealing. So is there anyone willing to share their save file with me so that I could get a jump start? I like the game so much that I’ll consider even paying something for that.

What platform are you playing on?

Have you started a new game? If not, and you still have the corrupted saves try sending them to the devs:


I already did send my files to them, but the response was that they probably won’t be able to do anything about it and suggested to get a save from someone else.

If you want I can drop for you a :poop:-load of weapons, ammo, med kits, etc. in multiplayer.

You can have mine with pleasure. All I want back is two 59 machine gun extended magazines. I have been looking for just one for months. Where would you like me to send it? PM me with an email. I’ll do it as soon as I receive it… You can probably have a previous one too, if you want and try that out as well.

This is why I love this community

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I had something similar happen…kinda. I messed with a file by accident and I think that caused it to go corrupt, luckily it wasn’t too bad I just lost 3 hours worth of game play.