APEX Connect not connecting

just re downloaded generation zero after swapping over to a nvme ssd and now whenever i play it doesnt connect me to apex at all leaving me unable to do asignments. anyone know if theres a server issue going on at all? full activated account it shows up that i have gen zero but last time played is 26th september. theres no unlink button either to try and relink the account, just says connecting or not connected

I’ve also noticed this today.
Yesterday it was working just fine.

I’ve just flagged this in the Discord, it would seem the FMTel is not happy at all. I’ve timestamped vid below for some visuals

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The same here, had some issues a few days ago when APEX was not connected, too, but a restart of the game fixed it back then. That didn’t work yesterday though. Checked the APEX site without issues but GZ refused to connect to the service whatever I tried.

Hello everyone :wave:

There does indeed appear to be something up with the APEX Connect servers. We are seeing this issue on our end as well (APEX Connect not connecting) and are looking into it. A ticket has been created for dealing with this issue and hopefully we can get it sorted soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!


Hello again everyone :wave:

This should now be working as intended, and you should be able to connect and log in to Apex Connect. Can anyone confirm this?

IF it isn’t working for you, please DISABLE then ENABLE Avalanche Apex Connect in the menu, OR restart the game.

IF it still for some reason doesn’t work feel free to @ me and we’ll try to figure it out!


Yup, confirmed. Working as intended.

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All good my end, still looks a little funky but kinda like it.

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I tried it yesterday evening and everything looked fine, no further issues.

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I am currently having this issue. I have restarted game several times over the past week, validated all files through Steam, still stuck on “connecting”. I have no link / unlink option unless it connects which it won’t do anymore. Please help.

Try this.
I hope it helps.

Only option to link or unlink on the page you linked “Avalanch Account webpage” is Twitch for me. Also checked Second Extinction and that won’t let me log in either anymore. Only way I’ve seen to link/unlink account is in game when it connects, which it won’t do anymore :stuck_out_tongue: