Apocalypse Harvester has the wrong arm model

Oddly enough it only effects one side of the arm

This might just be an error as this is the first time I’ve experienced this, and there are no other topics for it. I’m on PS4 so I’m not using mods.

Looked if i got the same issue and at least for me (on PC), all is normal.

Some screens;

1st apo harv:

2nd apo harv:

2nd one was kind enough to turn around, so i could see it’s another leg as well:

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This is the only time it’s happened in the 5 months I’ve been grinding for the 5* N16

I believe some sort of code may be corrupted on my game, or my playstation just isn’t reading it correctly because it happened again this afternoon.

((Couldn’t get a photo because the game crashed on Himfjäll again RIP))

But from what I’ve seen it only seems to swap textures with the Prototype harvester AFTER it has been killed

You may have this issue: Game crashes when traveling to/from Tarnboda Skans to nearby areas

It crashes all throughout Himfjäll period on my end.
Which either has something to do with the last update bogging down my games frames in general or my first gen PS4, I’m leaning towards the first one because my PS4 can handle games 10x the scope of Generation Zero like No Mans Sky and RDR2 just fine if not better

It´s not a problem with your ps4, i´m 100% sure of that.
Himfjall was fine until November or December 2020, one of those 2 updates brought the crashes.

The wierd harvester bug is on Xbox too since the apoc harvesters were introduced

It hasn’t been fixed yet, but I’ve noticed it becoming more frequent