Game crashes when traveling to/from Tarnboda Skans to nearby areas

After many tests, I discovered that either after November update or after December update, the game keeps crashing when moving from Tarnboda Skans to the St. Charlotte Church.

I Started a new game and even completed the “make some noise mission”, but could not reproduce the crash, so the problem is related to the save file and does not happen in any other way.
I tested with 3 different save files, one from December 2019, the other 2 had 5 days of difference being obviously after the latest update, and discovered the save file from December 2019 did not crash, but the other 2 save files crashed the same exact way.
Other users reported that the crash did not happen to them in same conditions.
So for some weird reason either the November or December update brought this crashes to keep happening around the same area but only if I play using my latest save file/s(which is the only one I use).
The rest of the Game world map has no crashes related to this Issue.
The reason for not knowing which of the latest updates brought this is due to the fact that Since October I did not go to that area in Himfjall.
I have almost every apparel item and all challenges finished, so starting from scratch is not an option.

Platform Ps4 Version

Description : Game crashes when moving from Tarnboda Skans to the St. Charlotte Church.

Solo play Host 1/1

Error Code : CE-34878-0

Steps to Reproduce : Moving from Tarnboda Skans to the direction of St. Charlotte Church will crash the game, fast traveling to Ronnhalla emergency Shelter after being in Tarnboda Skans will also crash the game most of the times.
The same happens if the player tries to move inside the Blue perimeter zone In the picture below, a crash.

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Second that, exactly the same thing for me. Almost as bad as the ”rivalcrash” this time last year that made the game completely unplayable, and made us miss out on last years New years event. Been grinding for those 5c US guns on himfjäll but the crashfest has begun.
maybe the game spawns in to many bots in this area?

On PC the game seems more stable regarding this ”bug”.


Good to know i´m not alone with this situation.
Now I have hope for a fix in the following months.

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Platform: Xbox One S

Description: I have experienced these exact issues that Mr_A1992 has described as well. Game crashing when walking, running and one time fighting a couple rivals and other enemies in the Tarnboda Skans to the St. Charlotte Church and surrounding areas. I just started doing a rival hunt and went to Himfjall to start. I have not been to Himfjall much since the recent updates, so going back and having 5 crashes within 20 minutes was quite shocking.

Steps To Reproduce: Travel in the area from Tarnboda Skans to the St. Charlotte Church or that surrounding area. Basically traveling anywhere in the blue marked area on the map in the picture Mr_A1992 provided.

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: None, playing solo.

Specifications: Xbox One S, all current updates, Alpine Unrest dlc and U.S. Weapon Pack


2 days ago the game seemed to be running just fine regarding this bug. I was able to TP from Hammarbodarna to Rönnhalla or walk in to that zone without any problems. Then came yesterday, the crashing came back. whenever I tried TP from the western part of himfjäll to Rönnhalla the game crashed (spams with crashreports sent). same if I tried walking into it. the only way I was able to get inside this ”zone” was TP from east, for example TP from Klacksundsfyren worked 100%.

You can hear an explosion when TP to Rönnhalla, not as big as going to Tärnboda, It is in this very moment then the explosion is set to go of that the game crashes.


Platform: Xbox One S

Description: Experiencing more hard crashes in Himfjäll. I was near Kopparviken Resort Village, located in the central, north coast of the map. (I have pictures.) The game crashed as I was nearing a car attached to a trailer. I tried it three times and they all resulted in a hard crash. I have not been able to travel east or west out of the location near the trailer without a crash occurring. This is the only other place in Himfjäll where I’ve experienced a crash, besides being in the central area of the map of Himfjäll, which I still have hard crashes if I enter that area. (Which is in a previous bug report.) My 1st pic is the area on the map, the second pic is me getting near the car with the trailer, and my final picture is my game freezing upon getting too close to the trailer.

Steps To Reproduce: Go to Kopparviken Resort Village at 3549.467, -1118.353 and go towards the trailer coming from either direction.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Solo

Specifications: Xbox One S. All currents updates, Alpine Unrest dlc with all vanity packs and U.S. weapon pack.

Xbox One X’s, and Xbox One S
Game crashes between tarnboda skans and the church above. Usually just outside of the little town. When you first encounter the larger enemies while headed up the hill to the North.
Steps To Reproduce:
While moving North East from Tarnboda Skans safe house the game will buzz loudly when you are engaged by any of the larger apocalypse class robots to include hunters. Sometimes it will happen immediately and other times near the end of the fight.
Images / Videos:
I recorded the event once recently but do not have it on my phone to share.
Host or Client:
It has always occurred on my server from what I recall but consistently across all three of my Xbox one S and and my Xbox one X’s
Players in your game:
It has happened with other players and without.
I have the latest updates as of 17 Jan 2021. Xbox One X, and also Xbox one S.
I run everything off of a solid state external drive.

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Merged topics about the same issue.


Could you please check if you are still having these crashes post update?

yepp for sure! Have sent several crashreports today. when tp or moving in to central area of Himfjäll the game crashes almost every time.
Notised that right after a crash(fresh loadup) its easier to move into center himfjäll.

Whats really interresting is that if you manage to walk in to this area you can hear an explosion, for example if you are walking northeast from hammarbodarna there is an explosion when you pass right by the storage located east of hammarbodarna. It is in this very exact moment the game crashes.

Same if you tp to rönnhåla you can hear an explosion when you spawn in there and it is in exactly this moment the game crashes.

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The explosion was part of a mission, and keeps happening all the time.
I think only after the explosion is heard the game becomes really unstable and moving around that area crashes the game.
The explosion was there since 2019 but it did not crash the game.
Something changed after November or December 2020 updates that makes it crash.

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Ok, good info! You are absolutely correct, this problem is post Nov. update!

For me the game crashes when the explosion is supposted to go of. If I hear it when Im fine and can continue playing(with the usuall framedrops ofcourse).

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Yes, after this most recent update I went directly to Himfjall and went to the usual areas where we were having these problems and the game hard crashed! Can confirm there are still crashing issues in Himfjall.


Hello @Mr_A1992, @Lazur327, @AutumnWind and everyone else in this topic :wave:

A ticket has been created for tracking, investigating and fixing this issue.

I see there’s some good information here in your comments and If you could answer some questions about the crash it would be much appreciated as we’d have more to go on when trying to identify the issue.

  1. What platform are you on? (Steam, Xbox, Playstation)
  2. What console version do you have? (e.g. PS4 PRO, PS4 Slim, XBOX ONE, XBOX ONE X, etc)
  3. How frequent is the crash? (e.g. 100%, 3/5,
  4. When the crash occurs what is happening in-game? (e.g. as mentioned by @Lazur327 an explosion goes off, heavy combat, fast traveling, etc)

Unfortunately it is a bit tricky for us to acquire save files from consoles BUT if someone on PC is experiencing this issue and would be up for providing us with a copy of their save file it’d likely help the investigation a lot. If you are on PC and up for it please follow the steps below.

  1. Your save file can be found here: Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves
  2. Right-click the save folder (containing “savegame” and “savegame.bac”) > send to > compressed (zipped) folder
  3. Go to (No account required)
  4. Click the “…” button and select “get transfer link”
  5. Add/attach the .zip archive with the save file(s)
  6. Upload and copy the link
  7. Send me a DM here on the forum and include the link from wetransfer

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:


Direct version.

Platform Ps4

Console Standard 1tb model, (produced in 2015 till the introduction of PS4 Slim model)

Description : Game crashes when moving from Tarnboda Skans to the St. Charlotte Church or Ronnhalla emergency Shelter.

Solo play Host 1/1

Error Code : CE-34878-0

Frequency 98%

Steps to Reproduce : Moving from Tarnboda Skans to the direction of St. Charlotte Church will crash the game, fast traveling to Ronnhalla emergency Shelter will also crash the game almost every single time.

It does not matter if the player is :

  • Walking
  • Running
  • In combat mode
  • Fast traveling to Ronnhalla emergency Shelter
    The crash will still happen.

No exploits or third party software have been used

  • Plundra and inventory do not contain Holy hand grenades, semlas, ticks or any other unique items.

  • Rest of Game World is without crashes besides the known crashing issue of the Stormyra Bunker.

Temporary false FIX Deleting all the characters ingame on the menu solves the issue.

  • If the player tries to move inside the Blue perimeter zone In the picture below, a crash will happen 98% of the time.

  1. I play on Xbox
  2. I have the Xbox One S
  3. Crashing happens about 96-98% of the time, very frequent.
  4. For me, there are a few things that are happening when the game crashes, depending on where I start on Himfjall.

~ Tarnboda Skans - I hear the explosion and travel north towards St. Charlotte Church, frames drop and the game crashes while walking or running.

~ Safehouse in Hammarbodarna - Travel towards the area where Elsa’s plane crashed, between Himarvet and St. Charlotte Church, I also hear an explosion (I’m not sure if it’s from the area of Elsa’s plane or Tarnboda Skans) and the frames drop and again crashes while walking or running.

~ Bjorntunet Hotel - Head toward Tarnboda Skans. Hear explosion. Walking, running, get into a battle and the game crashes.

~ Fast travel to Ronnnhalla Shelter - Hear an explosion, frames drop. Travel to nearby areas, start battling an enemy, game crashes.

~ Kopparviken Resort Village - Go towards the trailer attached to a car at 3549.467, -1118.353 and run or walk (I have always ran at the trailer heading out of the resort heading towards the safehouse in Gaddon) and the game crashes. Here, I don’t hear anything, however I see the circles to open the trailer door and turning on the lights, even if I am far away from the village. The crash happens 99% of the time, seeing the circles appear when far away from the area happens 50% the time.

Hope this helps @SR_knivspark! Thank you for taking the time to look at this issue! It is very much appreciated!

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Hemfal island is buggy

Lags in a few areas badly and crashes when on there and is happend to me twice today

Same issue topics merged.


Hi guys! Sorry for late response and thank you @SR_knivspark for adressing this issue.

I’m currently bering treaded for bacterial meningit at the local hospitol so I make a simple summary on my cellphone, hope this can be to some help.

  1. Playstation.
  2. Regular ps4 1 year old.
  3. Crash frequenzy is aprox. 95%
  4. I’m experiencing the same issue as discribed in this thread except for one exception. My game crashes the exact time that the explosion is set to go of. If I hear the explosion my game is fine and can continue playing in the described area of himfjäll. It does not matter if I’m in combat, walking, running in to this area, in any direction or FT to rönnhålla(Same here, I the explosion goes of right before spawn-in, No crash.)

I’ve sent numerus crashreports with the attached video, psn #lovesfarming I don’t know if these crashreports are availible for you?

Best regards and be safe everyone!


Any update about this situation?
Any information about a fix would be appreciated.

Thank you.