Map and possible features

hi and morning/ afternoon or evening allgen Z players and especially Devs

i don’t know where this would go due to issues and requests aswell as asking for things so admins or whoever place where u think is best

Questions directly to the devs is

what is happening with the other parts of the map? and when are they going to be opened to public even if it was just a mission to unlock it

Could we also gain another type of machine on each of those islands even if they are electric and acid or somthing or toxation something more challenging for players to avoid and survive from due to we have an electric KVM experimental why not machines also

Also can we have a small upgrade on XP or somthing than being capped at 31 due to amount of locations and farm areas undiscovered and XP from killing we need higher even if it’s capped to 50 but make it harder to reach it each level, and also the ability to swim so that we don’t just teleport back we can explore small islands in the ocean

would also help to have the crashes that keep happening after a player joins as a friend and over loads the game and crashes in middle of fights aswell as crashes occurring consistently after update at Himjfall island for myself and 5 friends of mine always happen when they go to that island

can we also have a way to access the small island on himfjall island for other locations to explore and battle machines

biggest think i want to ask is can we have more chances for machines to spawn in all locations due to shortage at higher level XP i’ve noticed, i walk out in a lot of locations and there is nothing for miles and miles

also if there are collectables to be gained but have not been collected due to map change can they be removed so that we have them collected before the place becomes destroyed

thanks hellmatic

I’ve moved this topic to #feedback-feature-requests. If you want to report a bug or an issue, please create a separate topic in the #bug-reports section. We have a few threads covering the most common issues already.

I’ll see if I can’t answer some of this at the top of my head.

Unknown. But since we’ve seen area revamps and one island made available to us already via the Alpine Unrest expansion I’m sure we’ll see more in the future.

A popular request, and one the devs are aware that many people are asking for. The main thread for discussing it is here.

The reason why we can’t swim in the game is partly due to the waters being cold, and also for the water to act as a natural barrier that seems more logical than say, invisible walls. When that changes, I don’t know.

The devs are well aware of this, many improvements have been made to the game to counter crashing. This thread covers most of the feedback. The crashing issue on Himfjäll is known.

That should cover some of the questions, I’m sure someone else can fill in the rest.

Thanks For attempting @Zesiir i just been around and visited the areas but half the time i cant finish the rest due to these pesty crashes so i was hoping that might open up a different area to fight in