Apparel with bonus audio/visual effects

i would love to see the 3D glasses be used for vision effect , (slight red and blue distortion) to show hints at places in 3D text , like the 666 bunker showing some hidden hint on the wall if you are wearing them.


Speaking of the glasses, anyone knows where the heart shaped glasses are? I’d like to get my hands on those. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • FNIX seeker goggles - full vision mod, where you can switch the vision mode just like with regular vision mod.
  • experimental eyepiece - IR or OPV. Though, OPV would make more sense since it’s experimental eyepiece. Also, IR or OPV is activated only when in ADS, since it covers only one eye, not both.

A bit offtopic but:

  • experimental earpiece - amplifies the machine sounds considerably. Where when wearing it, you’ll hear machines from far further away than without it.
  • experimental helmet with flashlight - while wearing it, flashlight is constantly on.

not off topic anymore
I liked your ideas so I altered the thread to include it. I hope that’s allowed

Why it wouldn’t be? It’s your topic and alteration didn’t change the essence of the topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

For other ideas:

  • valley girl watch and digital watch - while wearing it, time of hour is shown somewhere on HUD (e.g top right corner). This is helpful to know when morning/evening comes.
  • fancy high heels - while wearing it and walking/running, more clicking sound appears, true to the footwear. Currently, while wearing them, i sound like still wearing sneakers.

At 407.XXX, 2942.XXX you’ll find a lovely grotto which rewards teenage hikers for being curious.


2 months have passed since i asked where to locate these. Found them few days after i asked their loc.

Heart-shaped glasses look cute and i’d use them with my char but the visual effect they give is poor and make things a lot harder, especially at night.

As far as new POIs in Archipelago go, i found super awesome spot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: not far from the heart-shaped cave. Further reading in here: New added locations

Please make it so whenever you wear a watch you can see a time indicator.

Same feature request topics merged.


Wearing sunglasses obscure the view

Like in real life make then functional.

Same feature request topics merged.

@DouglasMcFree, if you have new apparel function suggestions to make, post them in here, rather than making new topic about it, twice.


Did they ever appear?

As of today, FNIX seeker goggles haven’t gotten this handy feature.

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I love how the day progresses into night, and how night turns into day in Østertørn. And being a wrist watch aficionado, I wear a Cas!o digital golden watch, that I picked up early in the game. But I can’t tell the time on it. And that would be useful, for right now I’m waiting for dawn, so I can take a picture of my favourite house and post it in @NJR87’s thread.

I would love if I could turn my wrist and check the time.


Same feature request topics merged.


I have both experimental eye- and earpiece equipped, and I hear a single beep sound whenever there are machines are in the vicinity. I’m guessing it’s the earpiece is doing that. It’s feels to me that it’s only beeping for one type of enemy (seeker maybe), because it’s not always doing it.

When you equip a watch you can see what time it is. Not only would this be cool for doing a I survived so many days without dying kinda thing :sweat_smile:, but also for another hud option.


Like the watch idea more immersion!

Merged with appropriate thread.

For the record, I too would want to check the time ingame so, I think it’s a good idea :+1:


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I’ve been hearing weird beeps recently in game, but it seems to be random. Are you sure its the earpiece?

No I’m not sure. I was guessing.