Pick your house - Where would you live on Östertörn?

If you could or had to live on Östertörn (with or without killer machines lurking about), what house would you choose for yourself?

I’ll start. Personally I’d pick the farm Sandbo, located at the foot of Rusaberget in the farmlands. I grew up on a farm, and would want to keep it that way. Sandbo is the nicest homestead in the game IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:

Honorary mentions

Björkvillan, Mountains region
Solhöjden, South Coast region

What’s your choice? :slightly_smiling_face:

The big villa near the shore in Klinte. It’s the only house with two set of stairs :wink:

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Björkvillan (Mountains)

Best looking house in entire game, both outside and inside. Also in a secluded spot, just the way i like it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’d love to live in a such house, with small exception of not having so many doors going outside.

My hope is that once the Mountains region revamp comes, the Björkvillan remains as it currently is, without being scorched down. :cry:

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@Aesyle I agree. Björkvillan would be my second choice. :slightly_smiling_face: However, I would cut down a few of the trees that are blocking the view of the sea from up there. :wink:

Not so much a house, but a location very similar to where I make my videos.

I also like how quiet it is, amazing views, and 30 seconds away from anything I need.


I’d probably buy up CycklePumpen off in Fiskeback, its a perfect little spot, nice quaint sea side town, the pier is great, and the area honestly would be sick for bike rides along the ocean. :smiley:
Plus i think a bike store would earn a honest wage with Tangekil and Lysehamn near by!


Ah yes, the one with the pink bike frame on the wall.

A hint of colours to come maybe?

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I kind of like this location. Also pretty quiet, near water and an amazing view.


Sorry for taking the thread off-topic. Just wanted to socialize and chill a bit, but this is not the place offcourse. So I spend some time yesterday evening taking pictures of my favorite places, and I must admit that there are quite a few. But then it just occurred to me that there is one place, that seems to be very appropriate, so that is my choice.

The Appropriate Place

There’s topic for that as well, link: Favorite place in Generation Zero?

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I really like this one.